Wednesday, July 22, 2015


[This was Jeffrey's final letter... for more information about his homecoming, see the post "Elder Stuart is Coming Home"]

we will see you in the airport at 7:30!  I dont have much time but well see you soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

the last week

Well we got some good news... yesterday we were talking with Wendy and her mom and she is going to get baptized on friday!  So that was a good little note to end on!  So we are super excited for that and preparing to have our last baptism in the mission!  

Well I am honestly a little bit tired of writing and we are going to see you soon so I am just going to leave it at that until next week.  Byee!

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Elder Stuart is Coming Home!

Elder Jeffrey Stuart is returning from his mission next week!  For those interested in hearing him speak at Church, he will be speaking on Sunday 26 July at 9:00 am!  (He also gets to speak with his younger brother, Elder Ryan Stuart* who will be leaving for his LDS mission to the Argentina Neuquén mission!)

The address for the LDS Church Building is:
4275 S Bountiful Blvd.
Bountiful, UT 84010

(It is kind of a yellowish church!)

You are welcome to come visit with Jeffrey afterwards at his home!  Hope to see you there!

*To Follow Elder Ryan Stuart's mission, go to:


Well this week was a pretty good week... I dont really have a lot of time because we had to travel again today.. so we didnt really get a lot of time in the internet... but that is ok... All is well here... we are doing good..  Wendy still isnt baptized but we think that she is close...  so we are doing good... just enjoying the last weeks out here in the mission!

Love Elder stuart

Monday, July 6, 2015


here are some pics...

My life in Guate

Well another week has passed in Guatemala for Elder Stuart...  I am just loving the mission right now... itis pretty great..  We celebrated my birthday today by going to a members house to eat lunch.. which made me sick... welcome to guatemala... but also in the morning my comp and my neighbors... woke me up with firecrakers... like 100 of them at 530...  so that was pretty interesting... but that was cool..  so yeah it has been a pretty good day..

As for the week... it was also a pretty good week.. we were able to continue with wendy.... we have now taught her everything... she just needs to ask her mom for permission... she still hasnt done it!  So that is getting me impatient...but we will let her take her time.... it is her baptism..  so yeah we are geting close on that...

Other than that it has been just a normal week..

Love Elder Stuart
 (29 Jun 2015)

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Well I dont have a ton of time today to write... because i had to travel today to coban... which is 7 hours in bus... one bus that is 2 hours long, and the next which is 5... so I am just now getting time to write you guys... and well at the same time I have to go... so just some quick updates....  

This week Wendy came to church!!!!!!  So that was super good.. but the only bummer is that her mom is trying to tell her that she cant get baptized because she is too young... (she is 17)  so not really understanding that part... but she will be turning 18 in september... so she says that she is going to be baptized anyway... but the only thing is that I might not have the opportunity to see her get baptized... but we are going to talk to her mom this week to see what we can do.. but we will see how that goes...

Also this week we were planning a lot about how to find new investigators that we can teach, and we had a really cool experience... a family was going to do a 1 year anniversary of the death of their 17 year old son... on tuesday... and they had plans to invite quite a few people to the activity...  And they wanted Elder Morillo to be there to talk and share some things... because he was there last year when the kid died... so we were hoping that it would be a good opportunity to find a lot of people and to teach them about the plan of salvation... So we went with that in mind to go to this activity not just to support this family, but also to find opportunities to teach about the plan of salvation... because something that they have taught me in the mission is that if you have ideas/plans to to something and you put your mind and strength to it you can do it.  So we did.. and we were able to find like 40 people there that werent member, that listened to the message... now obviously not all of them were interested to listen to us consistently we were able to findquite a few that we are going to be able to teach more about the gospel!!!  So that was pretty great!  So I am pretty excited about that!

So yeah I guess that is about all im going to write today...

Love Elder Stuart