Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is our ward mission leader... He is quite the weird dude, but he is awesome.  
This is me elder call, the other gringo, Elder brito and elder fitzgerald.  Elder Fitzgerald has the glasses.  This was when we were going to our district meeting and our bus got a flat tire.  So we had to wait on the side of the road for about a half an hour.
This was our ward party and that is elder call, He doesnt look to happy...

"My Work and My Glory"

This week not much happened.  We were supposed to have the baptism on saturday but when we went to have the meeting with her the day of, her dad still hadnt given her permission yet, so we couldnt do it that day...  But she is super excited so hopefully this week we will be able to get permission from her dad.  But it was awesome, that night we had another lesson with a diffferent member.  And it was awesome!!  He is going to get baptized this sunday.  And im pretty sure we wont have any problems with this one.  But it is going great here.  We are having quite a bit of success, and i know this is because we are working hard.

We also had a ward party this week like jonny.  And i also got to hit the piñata.  It was a ton of fun.  We had a lot of food candy and cake.  That was a lot of fun.  

Im sorry the pictures are hard to see but I hope that you are able to see them, because I like to share what I am seeing with you because it is awesome out here.  But I think I might be able to figure it out this week.  But it is hard to use these computers because they are literally like computers from the 80s.  But yeah I hope all is well.

My scripture for this week is in moses 1:39.  For behold this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  I love this scripture and I know that this is the time that the lord is truly hastening his work.  I love being a part of it too.  It is awesome!

Love Elder Stuart, the Younger...

Sunday, October 13, 2013


This is me taking stalker photos of my companion... Im not sure if they are jpeg or not but yeah
This is a typical street in rabinal.  Those little car things are called tuc tucs and they are the taxi system here.  They are pretty sweet.
This was my dinner last night.  We usually dont get dinner so im basically living of Peanut butter sandwiches.
This is a shirt I found in my house that another missionary left...  Guess what show it is from...  Thats right,  Psych!
This was some missionary guy yelling-preaching in the public on how we are all sinners so i went and gave him a book of mormon, but i dont think he will read it...


So this week has been just another week in the field.  Not much happened but the things that usually happen.  But I am loving it here in Guatemala.  It is awesome here!!!  

We didnt have the baptism on saturday because of general conference but it is going to be this saturday.  So im super excited for that because we get to do it in the waterfall that I sent pictures of last week, and Elder Brito said that he was going to let me do it.  So I am super excited for that!!!  

Also General Conference was awesome.  But things here are tough to do, because we dont have a lot of the things from back home, like computers...  So we were watching conference on the computers in the chapel that look like they are from the time of Christ, and they were super slow.  But luckily we had two so me and Elder Call, my district leader, got to watch it in english!!  So I actually understood what they were saying when it wasnt buffering.  So that was pretty awesome.  But yeah it was so slow that we didnt get hardly any breaks in between sessions because they were about 2 hours and 45 minutes a piece.  So on saturday we watched conference from 10 until 9 at night with a little break for lunch but not for dinner.  But it was awesome.  But then on sunday we didnt get to watch the whole thing for either session because it was so slow.  So we only saw about half of each.  So that was a little disappointing.  But anyway about conference...  I dont know if you guys noticed this but i noticed it because it was specifically directed to me.  It was said probably around 7 or 8 times that members and missionaries need to work together.  Elder Ballard in the saturday afternoon challenged each member to find one person to have the missionaries teach before christmas.  I also challenge each one of you to do the same.  I know it might be hard and you probably dont want to, because I know I didnt want to when I was home, but it really is easy and the missionaries will really appreciate it if you do this.  I love it when the members help us, all three of them.  It really does make our lives easier and I know that if you do this youre lives and the people you help lives will be blessed through this.  Also another thing I loved was the line by Elder Holland, of course, that says Gods love is ALWAYS there for us whether we deserve it or not.  I know that that is true and that god is our loving heavenly father.  

Thanks for all that you do for me and all the advice that you guys have given me.  My scripture this week is mosiah 2:17, and it says if you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of you god.  It is important that we serve others with all our heart might mind and strength, because by doing this we are showing our love for God.

Love Elder Jeffrey Stuart

Sunday, October 6, 2013


This is where we went today for pday.  It was an awesome waterfall, so I figured that I would stall on it.
This is me giving a word of wisdom pamphlet to a drunk guy.  It was pretty fun.  Then we walked around the corner after and we saw another one, so elder Brito was going to do it too, but then some random people walked up and put like a cherry bomb by his head.  When it went off the guy didnt even budge.  So we decided to leave.
This is me and elder brito on a bridge that we walk across almost every day.  It is beautiful
This is my house.  In the door on the right is our room, and my bathroom is right by my suitcases.  Notice my suitcases still have the red things on them...  Elder Britos desk is the desk on the right, and mine is on the left.  Also our kitchen is to the right of where im standing.  This water jug thing is where we get all the water that we take in.  Drinking, brushing teeth, and for cooking.  It sucks to not be able to use a sink...
This is my room in the CCM.  I was in the top bunk on the right.
This is me Elder Pyper Elder Hansen and Elder Dixon.  These were some of my closest friends in the CCM


Dear People

Ok I think that ill be able to write a little more today because I have a little more time.  So yeah things have been great here.  My companion is Elder Brito and he is from Bolivia.  He is pretty sweet, but as I said last time he knows no english so we dont really know a whole lot about each other, but I do know that he has two girlfriends...  I asked him why and he said, so I have a lot of options when I get home.  But yeah whatever that means.  But we get along great and we work well together.  Also we have two other elders, Elder Call, who is from California, and Elder Fitzgerald, who is from Nicaragua, that we spend a lot of time with, because there area is about 30 minutes away and they dont have a lot of things.  Namely food, a church, a way to do laundry, kind of the necessary things for a mission, so they come here often.  Elder Call has been here for 10 months and Elder Fitzgerald got here when I did.  But Elder Call is pretty sweet.  He likes to golf too and his last golf course he played was at Pebble Beach the week before he left.  So that is pretty cool.  Elder Fitzgerald is also a pretty cool guy but we dont talk very much.  So that is all the elders in my district, and elder Call is the district leader.

So some of the physical things of my mission.  My house is pretty sweet, but it is always dirty, with dust and bugs everywhere.  I have figured out that I do have a shower but it only works about once a month according to Elder Brito.  I have a fridge that is about two feet big, and a hot burner for my food, and a microwave.  That is about it, oh and a bed.  But I love my home it feels like home.  And I got to take my first shower on last Thursday.  It was pretty sweet, but I actually think that I like the little bucket shower better.  After having done it for two weeks I kind of like it. Also we dont even have a way to do laundry so we have to pay a member to do it each week which can be good and can be bad.  Its good because we dont have to do it, but its bad because it takes two days for her to do, so sometimes I dont have clean clothes and that sucks but ill get over it.  Also every day for lunch we go out to this same place where we get a thigh of chicken rice and tortillas.  It is pretty good but I think after three months of it I am going to get sick of it.  But it is cheap it is 10 quetz for the meal which is about 1.5 dollars.  So yeah it is a pretty good deal.  But that is about the only food that is here.  All I eat is eggs, peanut butter, bread, chicken, rice, and tortillas, but those are some of my favorite foods so its pretty great.  The town I live in is Rabinal and it is a tiny town, but it is awesome.  The town itself isnt very pretty but the places around the town are awesome, there are a lot of trees and things like that.  But it is super sad, in the town there are tons of dogs everywhere, without owners.  You can see all their bones and stuff like that and a some are just dead on the side of the road.  That is one of the hardest things that I have seen.  So I hope that brindle is doing a little bit better than that...  

But the people here are amazing!!  They are so humble.  They literally have nothing.  It is awesome to see how happy they are with what they have, and how much faith the members have in Christ to help them with what they have.  We have about 20 people who are members in the town and they are some of the strongest people I know.  My first sunday was last week and it was pretty awesome.  But the branch president wasnt there, and he only has one assisstant, because there arent enough other men with the preisthood.  And his assistant wasnt there either, so Elder call presided over the meeting.  So us missionaries ran church the first week I was in the field, and it was a pretty awesome experience.  I have a lot more appreciation for the leaders in the church now.  But anyways I gave a talk too, and passed the sacrament which was way awesome.  

Now as far as the work goes, it is fantastic.  We have a baptism on this saturday, and two more on the 19th of October.  So it is awesome.  I love to teach the people the truth and to see that light in their eyes when they say that they know what we are saying is true.  But I wish I could speak more spanish, because I dont say a ton in the lessons, it is mainly Elder Brito.  I feel like if I could speak in English I would be much better, but I know that the spanish will come.  But I had an awesome experience the other day.  On our bus ride back from our district meeting there was another gringa, or north american who is a woman, on the bus with us.  Actually there were three.  So me and Elder Call taught them, and I could actually do something.  It was pretty sweet. Until we asked them why they were here, and they said they were missionaries too.  That was kind of a bummer, because they probably wouldnt want to know more.  But we continued on teaching them about the book of mormon, and this led into a discussion that was kind of like a bible bash.  They would say something that they thought that we believed in, like we worship Joseph Smith and we would answer using the bible, because they believed in the Bible.  It actually went pretty well and they accepted the book of mormon to read, but I dont think they will follow through, but it would be cool if they did.  So the work has been great and I love to teach the people here because they are so accepting.  

So yeah Im loving it here and I love serving the Lord all the time.  It is hard at sometimes but I know that through Jesus Christ all things are possible.  My Scripture for this week is 1st Nephi 2:20, and it says,  And inasmuch as you shall keep my commandments you shall prosper, and shall be led to a land of promise, yea even a land which i have prepared for thee, a land which is choice above all other lands.     I love this scripture because it applies to all of us.  If we keep his commandments we will prosper and we will have the help of Christ in our lives.

Love Elder Jeffrey Stuart