Sunday, February 23, 2014


Last monday for P day after we wrote we went to an investigators house and made empenadas.. I dont think that i spelt that right, but they were pretty good, and I am not going to lie Im becoming quite the chef...  So beware for my return...

Coming back from an appointment in the rain... Oops we got a little wet...
This was in the house of an Investigator.... What the heck...

Good week!

This week has been pretty great!  We had many good things happen this week!  First off, I cant remember what day, but we were walking in the street after about three ish appointments had fallen and so we were just walking and talking and not really paying attention just kind of walking...  and I looked up and we saw a mom and two daughters who were carrying their firewood to their house, not uncommon, and I just felt like I should ask them if they want help... So I did...  And we just walked to their house which was like two blocks away dropped off the wood, and asked if we could come back..  She said yes, but we werent to excited still becuase that happens a lot and they usually just say yes to be nice,and you can never teach them again...  But anyways we passed by two ish days later just to see if they had time and they said yes!  So we were super excited and it just kept getting better and better.  We found out that the mom was baptized like 29 years ago and has only been to church once, and that was when she got the holy ghost...  And that she would like to go to church again.  And not only that the daughter, Silvia, said that she wanted to get baptized, and the son, who wasnt there when we first met them, said he would think about it.  But we still havent been able to contact the dad.  So they assisted church yesterday and are super excited!  So that was a pretty great experience that had happened this week.  It is great to know that if we always have a good attitude that we will be able to have good things happen.  That is one thing that I have learned that a good attitude is the most important thing!

So yeah this week has been a pretty good week and the next even better, and the next even better! (if that is even possible)  But yeah things are going good here right now!  Hard work pays off!  

Oh and yeah have a good time...  Stuart out!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


My comp Elder Valdes

A blanket that I bought

Us by grafitti that says Coban

The view up one of the hills of my area

We threw knifes

I burnt my tie for six months!!!!

Me with Ronald

Us studying...

Family night...  Five minutes after it started...

This kid rode on this car

From the top of this hill

Like this... Multiple times...

Here I am again...

Im kind of running out of things to say each week... It gets harder to send these with each week..  But I will continue trying to inform thee of the things that are occurring in my life... This week has been not down in the depths nor high in the heavens, but just original.  Nothing of great worth has passed, nor nothing of hazard to my companion or me.  We are walking the hills of Coban having chats with the people that are accepting, and pressing forward with those that dont...  It has been a grand opportunity to share my moments with thee, and I will write thee in the next monday of this month.

Ok Im not going to lie that took about 15 minutes to write, and it was really hard to think of that... So I hope you enjoyed it...  Anyways as I have noted this week was just average, we didnt have any great stories or anything spectacular happen but it was still a pretty good week!  

Also we are in an area where some of the people speak Queqchi (kekchee) for those who didnt understand that...  And about 50 percent of the people speak it, so sometimes during the lesson they will just speak to each other in this language so yeah...  We have started to have a member that knows queqchi come with us so that they can understand it and tell us what they are saying, so they cant talk behind our backs...  So yeah I guess that that is kind of interesting!  

Also we had a zone conference this week and it was super great.  They taught us about Alma 5, which is a great chapter, probably one of my favorites, which is great about the repentence. But it is a little harsh, but that is why I love it!   We have nicknamed it Alma Cincho (cincho here in guatemala is like forcefully speaking or something like that, it is a little hard to explain, but the people in Guatemala, Jonny, Will understand this part...  But anyway i guess ill continue with my letter)  Alma had no fear to tell the people what they need to do. He had no fear to tell them the things of his heart.  Also he bears his testimony in this chapter and it is super powerfull!  So yeah you should read it.

"Mormonism is true, every single word of it" 

Love Elder Stuart

P.S. That quote is from SNL for those that were wondering...

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Im pretty sure that my chip has a virus, so I cant send new pictures but i will send some old ones!
Me at a waterfall, with my Bazinga shirt...

Us in a giant bowl...

Us on top of a bus...

hola familia

This week was filled with ups and downs, but over all it was pretty good.  This week we were able to find 3 people that said they will get baptized within the next two weeks.  so that is going great, and we are able to find new people in this area, because it is kind of newish, so the missionaries havent been there a lot. So yeah we are doing great here!

But one thing that happened in our area that made me kind of sad is that one of the three teenagers that usually leaves with us, and was great, but he ran away from his house!  He just up and left and left a note in the house where he lives and said, sorry I had to do it.  So we have no Idea where he went or anything so that is kind of sad for us and for his family...  

But then another good thing that happened is that we found an eleven year old kid that is a member that hasnt been baptized yet and he just has never thought about it yet, so we are going to help him to be baptized.  So yeah this week has been good and bad...  

Until next time!

Elder Stuart


I forgot my camera but here is a picture of us in a bus... From Elder Cordova... I couldnt even stand in this bus, but it was so packed full that we were standing in the isle, and lets just say I could have knelt down and still been touching the ceiling with my head that is how short it was... And we were like that for 20 minutes... But that is your average bus ride in Guatemala!

My New Area!

I now got my new area and my new comp!  We are in Los Campos, the city name, and im one of the two companionships in the city....  It is fantastic!  We have members in our area and they help us out a ton.  But first of all my comp is Elder Valdes and he is a little bit weird...  But I have only known him for about 5 days so yeah Im sure we will get used to each other...  And he is from Chile so I dont have to teach him spanish, luckily...  But back to the Area, we have about three teenagers that love to leave with us.  The are 18 19 and 16, and they are all preparing to go on missions.  The one that is 18, Melvin, put in his papers yesterday, the one that is 19, Kevin, is starting his papers, and the one that is 16, sony,  is preparing for his mission.  So that is great because they ususally leave with us!  And the funny thing is that Melvin used to live in Salama, which was the area of my zone leaders back in Rabinal, and I knew him because he was always with the zone leaders and stuff, and I knew his family too.  But in December they moved to this area that I am in now... So I am kind of just following him around!  But he is fantastic!  He knows a lot of the lessons that we teach, and since me and my comp dont know the area really well, because we are both new to the area, he has been helping us out a ton!  
And Church was pretty great this week!  We had about 170 people in church which is about 130 more people than Rabinal...  So yeah it was a little bit different for me...  But is was fantastic!  It is going pretty great in my area though, we have a few people that are interested in our message, and we have been working super hard to know the area a little bit better!    But other than that things are going super great here!
My Scripture for this week, I forgot the past couple weeks... oops, is John 10:17-18.  It is absolutely fantastic!

Love Elder Stuart