Monday, December 23, 2013


This is my family once again in the mission.  Starting with Elder Escobar on the left, who went back home this change, and ending with Elder Dibb who just got here this change!
This is one of the members plucking a chicken that she had just killed.  They dip it in boiling water to help take off the feathers...  It is a little disturbing to watch, but quite entertaining...
They decorated the street with Christmas decorations!!


This week has been a little bit crazy with changes and everything!  But my new companion is Elder Dibb.  He is from Pleasant Grove!!  It is crazy!!  We hardly ever have gringo comps in the mission, but I do, and the other part is he is new!!!  So now I have to teach him spanish too, because he doesnt know any... So yeah it is pretty crazy right now!  But it is the best!!  Also with the changes and everything, we had a Christmas conference for all the missionaries in the zones closest to Coban the past thursday.  So from the Saturday, like 8 days ago, until last friday, I didnt sleep in my house in Rabinal.  It was crazy!  But this Christmas conference was the best.  We had a spiritual thought from Pres. Curtiss and his wife, then after we got to watch Monsters University!  It was great!  

So yeah like I said I didnt sleep in my house for like 6 days, so this week was a little bit slow, because we didnt have time to work very much, but the times that we had to work were great!  We have been working really hard as a companionship to first of all teach my comp spanish, and also to follow through on the dates for baptism that we have had.  So it has been pretty great!  

I cant believe that Christmas is next week!!!  Im so excited!!!  we have Activites and stuff planned for our ward, and so Im hoping that we will be able to strengthen our ward a ton through these activities, by showing the true meaning of Christmas!  It is all about Christ.  So my scripture for this week is in Luke 2.  I like this, because it is all about the birth of Christ!

Things are going great here!  Glad to hear things are going good back at home!  

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, December 15, 2013


These are the eggs that Elder Aybar, the comp of Elder Call, made for us...
We had cockroaches in our bathrooms this week.  This was the before and after...

This is me being chapin(native)  Carrying a ton of wood on my head...


This week we have changes!!!!!  Im not going to be with my comp elder Brito anymore, but im getting a new comp, but I still dont know what his name is yet...  But I get to meet him tomorrow!  So Im super excited for that, and we will be comps down in Rabinal still!  So that is pretty sweet!

Other than that we didnt have too much happen this week.  Just the regular mission life, studying, teaching, and sleeping!  It is all going pretty good down here though.  Im loving it more and more each day, and I didnt know that it was even possible to love it more than I do, but I guess I was wrong!

I cant believe how much that it snowed last week, sounds like it has been a crazy week, and it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, well at least over there in Utah.  Here it still feels like the middle of summer.

Yep not much other than that happened this week...  My scripture is 1st Nephi 7,8-13.

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Elder Brito and I were playing with an Investigators cat.

Me wanting to drive a Tuctuc

And my thanksgiving Dinner!

This is my family in the mission!  there is me, but not in order, my dad Elder Brito, his dad Elder Bashaw, his dad Elder Trujillo, his dad Elder Deschazer, and his dad Elder Escobar.  Also Elder Tellez is another son of Bashaw...

Me and Jonnys comp from the CCM. Elder Welker

Some moth thing that we found that had huge scizzor like thingys for its mouth or whatever you call that thing.  

Me and Jonnys comp from the MTC, Elder Ashcroft, eating our thanksgiving pizza

The turkey before it was cut...


Sounds like it is winter back at home, everyone is getting sick.  I guess that you could call it winter here, but it still is pretty warm.  I miss the cold from home.  It never gets cold here...  but its hilarious here because the people here are freezing right now.  Im not exactly sure how cold it is but I dont feel cold at all here, but we will pass people here that are wearing like 2 dresses 5 shirts, 2 coats, and of course the usual basket on top of their head.  So yeah they dont like the cold...

This week was thanksgiving!!!  Our zone went to a members house for thanksgiving and we were expecting something like chicken, with rice or something like that.  But on the tables there was dominoes pizza, which we eat a ton here, so we werent too excited for that.  But we ate the pizzas, but then after the pizzas she brought out turkey, and mashed potatoes.  It was the best.  So we actually had a turkey thanksgiving!  It was not that great but it was awesome at the same time!

Also this week we had a multizone conference in Coban, where a person from the area 70, President Amado.  And it was pretty great, but it was a little long.  It started at 9 in the morning and went until 4 in the afternoon, but it was pretty great.  This was the day after Thanksgiving so we slept over at the ZLs house and we woke up at 4 to leave because it is like a 2 and a half hour bus ride.  But the other sucky part is we stayed up until 2 the night before talking to our ZLs about random crap, so we went to a 7 hour zone conference on two hours of sleep.  Ooops, guess we arent that smart.  But we did all stay awake, so that was good...  

Not much else has passed in my area this week, but Christmas is near!!!  My scripture Ether 12:27.  It is really great...

Love Elder Stuart


This is me being a nerd with my tie... and my comp on the left taking pictures of himself...

Also a picture of guatemala, the trip from Salama to Rabinal. 

This is our zone of Baja Verapaz.  It is a pretty great zone, and yeah my district is basically all in a pink tie and it wasnt really planned.  So that was pretty great.

Getting Better at Spanish!

Well this week was pretty usual.  Not much has changed over the past week.  Other than we had an old investigator that wants to listen to us again.  But yeah it is kind of a long story but i will share it because i literally dont have much to say so here it is...  So before  Elder Brito left for those three weeks we were teaching this girl and she had a baptismal date and everything, then Brito left.  So us in the trio went to visit her and she told us she doesnt want to listen to us anymore.  But the day that Elder Brito got back to Rabinal she said that she wanted to listen to us again.  We thought that was a little weird, but we went to visit her.  During our lesson though we could tell that she was a little, I dont know how to explain it, but attracted to him.  So we were pretty blunt with her and asked her if she is listening to us again for baptism, or for Elder Brito.  She didnt answer the question, but she says that she still has absolutely no desire to be baptized, so we figured the latter.  So we arent going to visit her again...  So yeah thats it for that story...

Also like Jonny said we had that little stake conference thingy for guatemala.  It was pretty fantastic, and it was all in spanish and I understood basically all of it, sooo Im not gonna lie im pretty proud of myself...

Thats all folks,  Oh and my scripture this week is 1st nep. 1.12

Love Elder Stuart