Sunday, December 15, 2013


This week we have changes!!!!!  Im not going to be with my comp elder Brito anymore, but im getting a new comp, but I still dont know what his name is yet...  But I get to meet him tomorrow!  So Im super excited for that, and we will be comps down in Rabinal still!  So that is pretty sweet!

Other than that we didnt have too much happen this week.  Just the regular mission life, studying, teaching, and sleeping!  It is all going pretty good down here though.  Im loving it more and more each day, and I didnt know that it was even possible to love it more than I do, but I guess I was wrong!

I cant believe how much that it snowed last week, sounds like it has been a crazy week, and it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, well at least over there in Utah.  Here it still feels like the middle of summer.

Yep not much other than that happened this week...  My scripture is 1st Nephi 7,8-13.

Love Elder Stuart

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