Monday, December 23, 2013


This week has been a little bit crazy with changes and everything!  But my new companion is Elder Dibb.  He is from Pleasant Grove!!  It is crazy!!  We hardly ever have gringo comps in the mission, but I do, and the other part is he is new!!!  So now I have to teach him spanish too, because he doesnt know any... So yeah it is pretty crazy right now!  But it is the best!!  Also with the changes and everything, we had a Christmas conference for all the missionaries in the zones closest to Coban the past thursday.  So from the Saturday, like 8 days ago, until last friday, I didnt sleep in my house in Rabinal.  It was crazy!  But this Christmas conference was the best.  We had a spiritual thought from Pres. Curtiss and his wife, then after we got to watch Monsters University!  It was great!  

So yeah like I said I didnt sleep in my house for like 6 days, so this week was a little bit slow, because we didnt have time to work very much, but the times that we had to work were great!  We have been working really hard as a companionship to first of all teach my comp spanish, and also to follow through on the dates for baptism that we have had.  So it has been pretty great!  

I cant believe that Christmas is next week!!!  Im so excited!!!  we have Activites and stuff planned for our ward, and so Im hoping that we will be able to strengthen our ward a ton through these activities, by showing the true meaning of Christmas!  It is all about Christ.  So my scripture for this week is in Luke 2.  I like this, because it is all about the birth of Christ!

Things are going great here!  Glad to hear things are going good back at home!  

Love Elder Stuart

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