Sunday, March 23, 2014


We were waiting outside of a members house waiting for them to get back home so that they could leave to work with us, and my comp hates heights, and didnt want to get down from there, and was like that for like 5 minutes...

Jonny sent a picture like that so i guess ill send one too... but sorry for my pose i wasnt quite ready...  

And the church flooded and we didnt know until 7 on sunday when we went to one of our meetings, so yeah we spent two hours cleaning the church because the people dont know how to use bathrooms here...  No JK it was my comp that clogged the toilet...

The turtle before and after... oops...  

No just kidding it is just chicken and snake meat...

Nope Im still lying it was cow

and a little bit of chicken...

Hows it going

Well this week was pretty great...  we were able to work super hard..  We were able to get a fecha for baptism for the 29th of march  so we are super excited for that.  We set some pretty high goals last week and we were able to complete almost all of them!  We had a goal to put a fecha and we did that, we also had a goal for 12 lessons with members and we had 15, and our goal for new investigators was 11 and we had 15.  So yeah that probably doesnt mean very much for you guys but it was really great to see the hard work pay off.  So things are going pretty good here in our area!  I dont want to leave it!  Also I dont have a ton of time this week but I will write a little more next week!

Love Elder Stuart

Puchigas vos Estuart!  Escribe un pocito más, huh?  Jaja
[The Older Elder Stuart]

Oops, pues tengo como cinco minutos mas entonces aqui esta...  Well yeah but we have been having success as a companionship...  Elder Falcon is a great guy, we have been working super hard this week and It is something that I am proud of...  Becasue the president told him that he was going to be my comp and that President wanted Elder Falcon to make his last three months the best that he could, and Elder Falcon took that to heart... I have learned many things from him, that when no one thinks you can change, you still can.  And that we should always try our best to change to be the best that we can be and that anñything is possible through the atonement of Jesus.  So yeah I guess that is a little more so that you guys arent all disappointed... Anyway, yeah see you later alligators


Elder Stuart (the elder, who is still younger)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I my camera died last week and I was to lazy to charge it, so im sending some oldish pictures this week...  

Just some pictures of Guatemala!

ma sa la ch'ool

Well here i am again!  that phrase for my subject means how are you in kek chi.  So yeah im learning that a little bit, because a ton of people in my are speak in and somethimes they use the excuse that they only speak in kek chi so that they dont have to listen to us, so yeah we are learning a little bit..

Anyway this week was pretty good... We actually did end up having a change this week, my comp went to another area and I now have a new comp who is named Elder Falcon... He is from Peru.  He is a good guy and a pretty hard worker and also pretty funny.  So we get along pretty great!  Also he knows a bit of english so we talk a lot in english to help him out a bit because he leaves the mission in three months and wants to go to byu.  So yeah Im helping him out with that a little.  

Also this week we were able to find a bunch more people to teach by looking for less actives who are now older, that had kids that didnt get baptized..  so that is pretty fun because we are working in activating people then baptizing their kids.  So yeah that is going pretty great!  

But this week was a little bummerish, because our baptizm that we were going to have for this saturday was looking for a job was able to find a one which was great!  But it also kind of sucks because now she cant go to church each sunday because she has to work...  So that kind of sucks, but my comp said something that I liked a lot...  He said that God gave her a test, and it was a big test, but she ended up failing...  She need a job very badly but she was interested in the church, but with this job she now wont be able to go to church...  That is kind of sad to think about but it is true..  That she didnt really have the faith that everything would be ok if she joined the church...

So yeah that was kind of a long letter but a lot happened so yeah..  my scripture this week is 1st nefi 17:30.  

Love Elder Stuart!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Some pictures of the cake and my comp that we baught for him for his birthday... and it was a suprise, so it was even better!

A little adventure that we went on today to a place called Shamuc Champay.  It is a big river that formed a cave and there is this lookout place way up high that we went to to see it.

My little Jetpack....  

My area is fantastically beautiful

and my last district meeting for this change..

Dear my dear friends and family

This week was a little interesting.  On thursday was my comps birthday..  So we celebrated!  It was pretty great, we had a cake for lunch and the person that we usually eat lunch with bought a cake for the four of us... but me and Elder Connolly and Cordova helped pay, and the cake cost 180 quetzales, which is a ton, and it was probably the worst cake I have ever eaten, but my comp liked it and he was happy, so yeah whatever works right...

Also we had a great week this week with contacting...  We fasted and we were able to encounter 3 families that are pretty interested in our message.  We now have taught each one 2 times and they said that we can come back.. So that is something that is fantastic.  So right now we are teaching 5 families that are interested, and only one of them doesnt have a dad!  That is my record in the misssion...  because it is super hard to find complete families here with a mom dad and kids... So we are super excited for this month...  Also Fasting is so great! do it! Always!  well just once a month and on special occasions!  Well it think you understand!

So some good things have happened this week and we are looking forward to another 6 weeks here.  me and my comp got our changes and we are not changing..  So that is pretty great!  Im super excited!

Well until next time...

Amos 3:7... Prophets are important..

Elder Stuart


No big deal... Just carrying tables and crap on their heads...

My camera is having problems so here is an old picture of me burning my tie, and yes this is in my house...


This week was so fast, it feels like just yesterday I was writing you guys, but nope it was one week ago...  But anyway this week was pretty good!  We had a few great lessons and just overall a good week! 

On thursday we had divisions with the elders that are in Los Campos 1, Elder Cordova and Elder Connolly.  I had the opportunity to go to their area to work for the day with elder Cordova!  It was fun and we got a lot done!  It was fun to go and learn some new ways to teach and different was to find people and stuff like that.  So that was pretty fun!
Then on sunday morning I had one of the craziest days of my mission.  We had a confirmation of a baptism that we have had, named Cristian. In the morning on sunday we had called him to tell him that he needs to be there at nine sharp, and he said ok and we passed by his house to take him to church and he said that he would be there in like 10 minutes, that was at 840.  So then we went to church and he wasnt there, so we waited and waited.  It seemed like forever.  We waited for the sacrament to end and he still wasnt there.  So we told the bishop that we were going to do it after the talks.  And luckily he showed up during the last talk.  So we were able to confirm him after the talk and all that.  But then after church we were on our way back to the house, and I realized that I had locked the keys in the house and that I didnt have them..  So that was a little more stress to put on, because we were starving and we had nowhere to go and eat...  So we called some members to see if we could go eat at their house because we didnt have keys to ours...  And they said that we could pass by at 200.  That was like in 2 hours and we were starving.  So we decided to pass by our neighbors who were the owners of our house, to ask for the key to get in...  And when we passed by we taught a lesson to the daughter who we had kind of taught and the missionaries before us had kind of taught.  So we taught her for a little bit, and it was one of the best lessons that we had had this change.  She ended up telling us a story of how she thinks that she had received an answer that this is the truth...  So that was a great lesson, and we are planning on baptizing her the 8th of March now!  All because we lost our keys in our house... So yeah yesterday was pretty crazy!  Alright i think im done...
Love Elder Stuart