Sunday, March 16, 2014

ma sa la ch'ool

Well here i am again!  that phrase for my subject means how are you in kek chi.  So yeah im learning that a little bit, because a ton of people in my are speak in and somethimes they use the excuse that they only speak in kek chi so that they dont have to listen to us, so yeah we are learning a little bit..

Anyway this week was pretty good... We actually did end up having a change this week, my comp went to another area and I now have a new comp who is named Elder Falcon... He is from Peru.  He is a good guy and a pretty hard worker and also pretty funny.  So we get along pretty great!  Also he knows a bit of english so we talk a lot in english to help him out a bit because he leaves the mission in three months and wants to go to byu.  So yeah Im helping him out with that a little.  

Also this week we were able to find a bunch more people to teach by looking for less actives who are now older, that had kids that didnt get baptized..  so that is pretty fun because we are working in activating people then baptizing their kids.  So yeah that is going pretty great!  

But this week was a little bummerish, because our baptizm that we were going to have for this saturday was looking for a job was able to find a one which was great!  But it also kind of sucks because now she cant go to church each sunday because she has to work...  So that kind of sucks, but my comp said something that I liked a lot...  He said that God gave her a test, and it was a big test, but she ended up failing...  She need a job very badly but she was interested in the church, but with this job she now wont be able to go to church...  That is kind of sad to think about but it is true..  That she didnt really have the faith that everything would be ok if she joined the church...

So yeah that was kind of a long letter but a lot happened so yeah..  my scripture this week is 1st nefi 17:30.  

Love Elder Stuart!

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