Sunday, February 22, 2015


Just some pics...


Well this week was kind of a long week.   ON wednesday we got a call saying that my comp had to go to the capital to sign his visa... so we were out of work wednesday thursday and friday...  So that was kind of a bummer... but we are doing good.

On saturday we had a visit with Lucia, who got baptized like 2 months ago, and we were talking with her husband, who doesnt really want much... and we taught him about the preisthood, and it was just a great lesson so that he could recognize his potential, and he liked a lot thinking about how he could hold the preisthood to bless his family... but then he got a little disccuraged about how he doesnt feel worthy to hold a power so big...  so we talked to him a little about repentance, and how he can become a better person... and we are hoping that he can take the steps necesary to be baptized soon.  

Also we were able to talk to a guy named bacilio... who is living with a woman.  They havent wanted to get married for a lot of time, but we have been teaching them a lot and focusing on them a lot so that they can get married and get baptized... and we are so close.  She is now ok with ggetting marrried and him too... but the only thing stopping them is that she is pregnant and she doesnt want to be pregnant in her wedding picture... so that is kind of a bummer... but it is something little so we will see if we can convince them to get married within these couple of weeks..  

But other than that all is well here in Cubulco!  Love you All!

Elder Stuart

Monday, February 16, 2015


We did a bonfire and burnt a pair of pants for my 18 months!

This week in Guate...

This week was a pretty good week here in the mission!  I just absolutely love where I am at and I wouldnt rather be in any other place right now.  But anyways this week we were able to have 23 people in church again... and everyone is super excited right now in Cubulco...  there are 4 groups here in Guatemala and President Curtiss said that Cubulco is the example for all the other groups.  And it is the one that has been around for the least amount of time.... so that is some great news!  We are just loving the work here in Cubulco!

One thing that I learned this week is about the importance of doing things in the way of God... not our way..  Some people like to think that they have better ideas of how things should be in church and that one thing, or another, should change.... and it just doesnt work like that.  Our Heavenly Father is so intelligent and so prepared that he has a plan for everything.. not just for us, but for the church, for the world, and everything else that we can Imagine... And when people want to change that plan, it just doesnt work.  We have to do things his way, not ours.  It is something that we have put to the test here in Cubulco.  It is amazing how well it works to follow in God´s plan.  Through strict obedience, comes rich blessings... the blessing that come from following the plan of our Heavenly Father is Eternal life, and immortality... what other blessing could we ask for... 

I have now completed 18 months... and to be honest it makes me super sad... I am not ready to go into the world and leave this spirit that I can feel from being here, doing what God wants me to do.  It literally is the best time our my life.

Love Elder Stuart  

Sunday, February 8, 2015


The District!!!

Changes... NOT

Well this week was the week of changes and we were a little bit nervous to have a change but we didnt.. so that was all good.  Another six weeks here in Cubulco!  Also something interesting is that Elder Brito, my trainer, is going to be in Rabinal again!  He already had 7 months there and he will be going back but this time as branch president!  So we are super excited for that again... although this time I will be in Cubulco not in Rabinal with him.. but we will be close!  So we are super excited for that!

As for the work this week it has been super busy like always!  But we are doing good... working hard, and progressing in every aspect!  Inculding this week we had 4 members pay their tithing!  That is basically a miracle here!  That is one of the difficulties that we have been having to progress to become a branch but now they are getting the hang of it too!  So we are just super excited to see the progress of Cubulco!

Also as with the investigators.. we have a ton of investigators that are going good and that want to get baptized the only problem is that here (because we arent a branch) they have to be super prepared to get baptized... and we personally have a rule that we arent going to baptize a person until they attend church 5 times in a row.. and it is a little bit hard... and we have a lot of people who want to progress, but they just dont attend church sufficiently... but we will see how that goes... 

But in other words all is great!  Super excited for another 6 weeks here!

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Just some old pics.. because i forgot to take pics this week... just the working life... 


Well this week was an interesting week!  We were able to have a good week in church this week again!  We had 26 people there so that was super good!  6 of the people were investigators!  So we were pretty excited!  It was pretty great!

Also this week we have been trying something a little different this past couple weeks.  We have been helping the members to become super spiritual and become more and more converted in the church.  The thing is is that the members here, they dont really know a whole lot about how the church works... they just go.  Which isnt to bad, but they dont do things 100% correctly, so about 3 weeks ago we wanted to change that, now that they are basically all going consistently... and we would tell them ¨hey you should do this¨ and things like that... but it wasnt really working and we were a little confused why..  so last friday (10ish days ago)  we took a new approach...  we just told them all to read their scriptures... and learn for themselves what the church really is...  the only thing that we were worried about was that they dont read their scriptures here so we were a little worried that it wasnt going to work...  BUT IT DID! We were a little bit shocked but it was awesome!  Every single member here in Cubulco read their scriptures every day this week personally and as a family!  And during sunday school we just kind of had a little testimony meeting about the scriptures and everybody was shocked how much they learned!  It is something so easy that so many people dont do... and when they finally do it they figure out how easy it really is... so we are excited for that... and it worked really well.. because all the member have now found a family of investigators that they are teaching that they are going to help baptize!  So that is just super great!

So that is all but yeah.... bye

Elder Stuart


First picture is a food that my companion made that is native to the Dominican Republic... called mangoo...  It is green bananas boiled then smashed to look like mashed potatoes... very similar and also pretty good...

Second is during our weekly planning... i still had the gingerbread house that you sent me... so we decided to build it... well we kind of gave up after like 2 seconds.. and just decided to eat everything... so yeah that is us eating the house... 

And the last photo is that my companion put ketchup on the wall of the house (gingerbread house) and ate it.. and liked it... so I had to take a picture because that is just weird... 

Just some kids that wanted their picture taken.. so here you go... these are the kids of guatemala... 

Good week!

Well this week was a pretty good week!  The biggest thing that happened this week is that 2 members that got baptized a year ago from next sunday...  Are going to go to the temple to be sealed as a family!!!!!  It is so great!  It was great to see/hear about this because when I was here in Rabinal last year... I helped teach them sometimes... becasue every once in a while I worked in this area (Cubulco)...  So that was super great to hear!  I am wanting to ask permission from President Curtiss this week to see if I can go with them... Which would be really cool... but we will see..  So that is going to happen in February!

Some other good things that happened this week is that in church we were able to have 4 future melchizedek (spelling??) priesthood holders in church and 1 deacon.. and they have all come for like 4 weeks straight... so that means that we are progressing!  And the thing that we need to become a branch is priesthood!  So if we keep this up we are going to be a branch in a short amount of time!  So we are pretty excited for that!  

So yeah overall this week was a pretty good week! Cant wait to see what happens this week!

Love Elder Stuart