Sunday, August 31, 2014


So my comp likes stuffed animals....  So our house is now covered in stuffed animals...  just thought you guys should know..  

This is my companion...

This is six of us missionaries coming back to our areas today after a long day of vollyball... and as you may or may not be able to tell... IM FRIED!!!!!!!!


So this week we had our changes!  So I am now with Elder Mejia, and well it has been kind of an interesting week.  He is a good guy but he is just a little bit weird... He likes to talk a lot which is definately not me... but we do get along pretty good!  So we are looking forward to a good 6 weeks together!  I am super excited about this week here in La Libertad!  We have got some plans to go and baptize this Rodrigo kid that didnt end up getting baptized like 8 days ago but nowhe will get baptized!  So we are really hoping for that!

Also this week we visited Angel and he is doing great!  We were talking with him and I guess that his wife is now thinking about the whole baptism thing now that she saw him go through the process and so we just need her to go to church this next week and the week after and then we are going to baptize her!  So we are super excited for that!  I cant wait for that!  That will mean that I married that family and then baptized them!  

Now for something exciting... So on Saturday we had Stake Conference which takes place in San Benito which is about 1 hour away... and well we didnt have permission to go on saturday so we just went on sunday... But anyways so we were in La Libertad on Saturday and all the members were in San Benito...  And all the members had met in the church to head up there... and so it turns out that we get a call about 1 hour after they had left, from the Branch President, and he said that there was someone breaking windows in the church and that we needed to go check it out... So we went over there and two kids were in the church.. .breaking the windows... so when they saw us they ran... So we had to go look for them which was kind of a waste of time... but it was kind of fun... so we used our contacting skills and we ended up finding their house about 3 hours later after having looked over all La Libertad... and then we showed the Branch President the house and he went over there to get everything figured out on sunday!  So that was a pretty crazy experience this week!

But overall it was a pretty great week this week and we are looking for some success to come in these next few weeks!  My scripture for you guys is...  Alma 5:16... It is a little bit strong but I love it!

Love you all and see you in a few...

Elder Stuart

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our last district meeting for the change... Another District down!  

The wedding!

This amazing baptizm we had in an amazingly beautiful place!


This week has been kind of a crazy week!!!  And a super long one!  But it was super fun!  So we started out on wednesday we did divisions again... and that was fun I was able to go with Elder Salazar and I learned a lot from him and well it was great to be with him for a little bit...
Then on Thursday we had the wedding for Angel and well that was good but it was boring as usual... The weddings here in Guatemala really arent that exciting... but it was really cool to see how happy they are now that they are married... Marriage it is a good thing, do it! So that was super exciting... then on friday we had to prepare everything for the baptism of Angel.. and well we figured out on like tuesday that Rodrigo wouldnt be getting baptized this week so we are planning on him to get baptised the 30th of August... So that will be exciting.. so that made our Friday a little bit easier because we only had to plan for one baptizm...  (p.s. I forgot how to spell baptism, if it is wilth an s or with a z so be patient...)  So then on saturday we baptized Angel and it was so cool!  We baptized him in a river... and that was super cool.. He is probably my best convert yet in the mission!  He is super great!  Im excited for him.
Then on Saturday we figured out our changes!  And I am going to be staying here in La Libertad.. and Elder Loveland is leavin so that is kind of sad... because he was one of my favorite companions...  So I am going to be getting a new companion... Elder Mejia... so I am excited for that!  I have had so many companions... I get a new one basically every change.. but Im ok with that because I am learning a lot of the social skills that I never really practiced before the mission... oops....  But all is well here!
Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, August 17, 2014


My burning of the shirt for 1 year in the mission!

the Baptism of the Hermanas and Elder Loveland baptized him!

Foto de Conferencia de Zona

Long week...

This week was a pretty long and stressful week... but it was one of the best weeks we have had!  First off we were having a little bit of progress with our 2 investigators that are planning on getting baptized this week and they are both doing good!  We are planning on baptizing Angel and Rodrigo this week... not last week...and so we have got another long week ahead of us for all that.. but we are excited.  We are going to marry Angel on thursday... and then him and Rodrigo are going to get baptized on Saturday...  So those are our plans for this upcoming week!

But this last week was full of stuff that we did... mainly at the latter part of the week... But on Thursday we had a Zone Conference... and President Curtiss ended up showing up so that was pretty cool!  I learned a lot from that!  Then on Friday we went on divisions.. and I stayed here in La Libertad with an Elder named Elder Fitzgerald from Nicaragua... And Elder Loveland went to sayaxché with Elder Gubler... And Sayaxché was actually the last area of Elder Loveland so that was pretty cool for him!  So that was bunch of stuff to do that day... and also on Friday we had a wedding here in La Libertad for the Hermanas... And I witnessed my first wedding and it was a ton of work to prepare... and SUPER BORING... I now know that I am not a wedding person... So that was not very exciting to know that that is how this wedding is going to be this week!  Then after that on Saturday... We took Elder Fitzgerald back to his area in the morning.. and that is like an hour drive, so two both ways... and that wasnt too fun...  Then after that we had to go shopping for some clothes for some baptisms that were going to happen this week... then at about 5 we had to head back to Sayaxché for a baptismal interview... so another two hours...  and so that was just pretty crappy....  Then we went to our house and went to bed... On Sunday, we went to a baptism at 7 in the morning... and when we got there the whole church was flodded with we had to clean all that up and that was kind of frustrating... so yeah basically this week was a pretty stressful week.. but we finally got through it!  

So we are super excited for this next week and we are going to have these two baptisms, so we are hoping and praying a lot for that!

Love, Elder Stuart

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Just my companion... Elder Loveland!!!  And his super ghetto hat that he uses so that he doesnt get skin cancer.. because it is so hot here!!!!

And us contacting the smallest house I have ever seen on earth... but sadly the people werent there...  so that was sad..  

this is me and my comp on a bicitaxi... and this poor guy was the driver and he was so tired.... but a bici taxi is like a taxi but a guy just drives you around on a bike and you sit down so those are kind of fun...

Also this is All the coins and 1 quet bills that I have saved up in my mission... It is about 500 quetzales... so that is kind of a random fact for you guys... 


So last monday after we wrote we went to some haunted house thingy... but not really it was just a house on the side of the road... that nobody owns... so we decided to enter and after going up some creaking half broken stairs we found a noose on the second floor... so we had some fun... 

Just crossing a ferri to go to the area Sayaxche to go to work with Elder Santizo.. who is in the picture...

A baptizm that wasnt ours but he is one of our good friends so we took a picture on his baptism day...

Also Elder Loveland cut his hand up pretty good today.. A fence spike thingy went into his had about a half an inch so yeah that kind of sucks...

Good week!

Well this week has been a great week!  It is just so great to be in the area that Im in with the companion that I have got!  I am enjoying the mission really much right now... We are have success... working hard... and having fun doing it!  So things are just basically going good here! We were able to have a good week and we have even better plans for the next week!  This week that comes is going to be good but the next even better.

So starting with Rodrigo we kind of did a little test with him... He is like 13 years old and we thought that he was just kind of going through the motions of what we teach.. Like just goes to church because we want him to and all that kind of stuff... So we wanted to see how much he really wanted to go to church.. and he already knows all the lessons and baptism and alll that so... we didnt visit him the last week or even remind him that church was this week to see if he would remember to come... and he did!!  So we were super excited to see that he really does have the desire to go to church on his own.  So we are excited for his baptism the next week!  

Also with Angel we are excited for him.. because he is super excited to get married and be baptized... He is literally just so excited!   It is so exciting to see..  So we are going to marry him on the 14th of August and then baptize him on the 16th... But we arent acutally going to marry him.. .we are just planning it all and all that stuff... so that is going to be kind of fun!  

Then we also have visited 3 families this week that are going along pretty good in the church.. they still havent been to church yet.. but they are progressing pretty well and I hope that they will be able to make it to church within these next couple of weeks!  So we have got big plans for this next week...  and so we are excited for that!  

So things are going well now.. and I hope they continue like that!

Elder Stuart

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Week!

First off... It has been great saying the pictures of Jonny and all that!  Im glad that he made it home safely!  

But this week has been pretty great.  We are still working with Rodrigo and Angel... and they are doing great... Rodrigo came to church again this week but Angel couldnt because he had to go and apologize to his fiances (I think that is how you spell it... he is engaged to her)  family, because about 2 years she moved in with him and he basically stole her.. so he went to say sorry so that he could get married to her...  So that is going on with them...

Also this week I ended up going to a different area named Sayaxche and I worked there with an Elder named Elder Santizo... It was an interesting experience to say the least...  We walked for about 6 hours just contacting and we got nothing... so that wasnt very fun...

But yeah just more fun things have happened this week and that is about it!

LOve Elder Stuart