Sunday, August 31, 2014


So this week we had our changes!  So I am now with Elder Mejia, and well it has been kind of an interesting week.  He is a good guy but he is just a little bit weird... He likes to talk a lot which is definately not me... but we do get along pretty good!  So we are looking forward to a good 6 weeks together!  I am super excited about this week here in La Libertad!  We have got some plans to go and baptize this Rodrigo kid that didnt end up getting baptized like 8 days ago but nowhe will get baptized!  So we are really hoping for that!

Also this week we visited Angel and he is doing great!  We were talking with him and I guess that his wife is now thinking about the whole baptism thing now that she saw him go through the process and so we just need her to go to church this next week and the week after and then we are going to baptize her!  So we are super excited for that!  I cant wait for that!  That will mean that I married that family and then baptized them!  

Now for something exciting... So on Saturday we had Stake Conference which takes place in San Benito which is about 1 hour away... and well we didnt have permission to go on saturday so we just went on sunday... But anyways so we were in La Libertad on Saturday and all the members were in San Benito...  And all the members had met in the church to head up there... and so it turns out that we get a call about 1 hour after they had left, from the Branch President, and he said that there was someone breaking windows in the church and that we needed to go check it out... So we went over there and two kids were in the church.. .breaking the windows... so when they saw us they ran... So we had to go look for them which was kind of a waste of time... but it was kind of fun... so we used our contacting skills and we ended up finding their house about 3 hours later after having looked over all La Libertad... and then we showed the Branch President the house and he went over there to get everything figured out on sunday!  So that was a pretty crazy experience this week!

But overall it was a pretty great week this week and we are looking for some success to come in these next few weeks!  My scripture for you guys is...  Alma 5:16... It is a little bit strong but I love it!

Love you all and see you in a few...

Elder Stuart

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