Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Week!

First off... It has been great saying the pictures of Jonny and all that!  Im glad that he made it home safely!  

But this week has been pretty great.  We are still working with Rodrigo and Angel... and they are doing great... Rodrigo came to church again this week but Angel couldnt because he had to go and apologize to his fiances (I think that is how you spell it... he is engaged to her)  family, because about 2 years she moved in with him and he basically stole her.. so he went to say sorry so that he could get married to her...  So that is going on with them...

Also this week I ended up going to a different area named Sayaxche and I worked there with an Elder named Elder Santizo... It was an interesting experience to say the least...  We walked for about 6 hours just contacting and we got nothing... so that wasnt very fun...

But yeah just more fun things have happened this week and that is about it!

LOve Elder Stuart

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