Sunday, August 24, 2014


This week has been kind of a crazy week!!!  And a super long one!  But it was super fun!  So we started out on wednesday we did divisions again... and that was fun I was able to go with Elder Salazar and I learned a lot from him and well it was great to be with him for a little bit...
Then on Thursday we had the wedding for Angel and well that was good but it was boring as usual... The weddings here in Guatemala really arent that exciting... but it was really cool to see how happy they are now that they are married... Marriage it is a good thing, do it! So that was super exciting... then on friday we had to prepare everything for the baptism of Angel.. and well we figured out on like tuesday that Rodrigo wouldnt be getting baptized this week so we are planning on him to get baptised the 30th of August... So that will be exciting.. so that made our Friday a little bit easier because we only had to plan for one baptizm...  (p.s. I forgot how to spell baptism, if it is wilth an s or with a z so be patient...)  So then on saturday we baptized Angel and it was so cool!  We baptized him in a river... and that was super cool.. He is probably my best convert yet in the mission!  He is super great!  Im excited for him.
Then on Saturday we figured out our changes!  And I am going to be staying here in La Libertad.. and Elder Loveland is leavin so that is kind of sad... because he was one of my favorite companions...  So I am going to be getting a new companion... Elder Mejia... so I am excited for that!  I have had so many companions... I get a new one basically every change.. but Im ok with that because I am learning a lot of the social skills that I never really practiced before the mission... oops....  But all is well here!
Love Elder Stuart

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