Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another week gone

Well this week was another adventurous week!  But I am super tired because we just got done playing tennis... and it was my first time playing a sport other than soccer in like 16 months and so I am super tired, but I will try my best to share with you guys what has happened this week!

So now we have two investigators that are sisters name Erika and Luki... they are wife and sister in law of a member in Cubulco and we are teaching them and they finally decided that they want to get baptized!  So we are just going to prepare them a little and then they will get baptized within a few weeks!  So we are pretty excited for that!

But this week we had a district conference on sunday (for those that live in utah and dont know what that is, but it is like stake conference but for the branches..)  and so we had to take the whole group of cubulco to salama, which is about 2 hours away... and well this week we only ended up with an attendance of 10 but that is ok... we are still super excited for this next week!

As for me and Elder tello we are doing good.. he is making his final preparations to go home in like 2 weeks so we are kind of sad to see him go...

And well I guess that that is all...

Good Luck! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Stuart

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I still dont have pictures but here is the difference in me... the first week in my mission... compared to the last week I had a camara (october)


 So yeah just to update you guys on my mission... it is going pretty pretty well... This week in cubulco we had 37 people!  So we are just strolling along very nicely here... 
So I dont know if you guys remember me in Rabinal a year ago... back then the people from cubulco and rabinal attended church there... and we usually had somewhere around 30-35 people each week... and well this week a year later we had 37 in just Cubulco!  We also had 16 more people in church this week than last week!  This area is growing super fast!  9 of those people that came were inactive members since like 12 years ago... and another 6 were investigadores...  So in other words it was a very successful week here in cubulco!
As for my companion and my personal status well all is well... 
I just dont have much to say other than that I am really content to be here in the mission! 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns... Write me..
Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, November 16, 2014


So these are the pictures of where we had church the first time in cubulco and all of the people (minus 4) who assisted... the other 4 didnt get into the picture... but they will be remembered...  So yeah that is me on the right for those who didnt notice!  


Well this week was a pretty good week!  We had church in Cubulco for the first time in like millions of years!  It was really exciting and it was probably my favorite sunday in my whole life!  So we had church at 9 like always and well the only sad part was that nobody showed up until like 9 15... but that is normal for guatemala... And we ended up having 21 people there!  It was great!  And the cool thing is that we have 5 different families there and so it was just them and some of their friends and it was really cool to see it all happen!  So I was just super excited and it was cool to see the dreams of these people finally come true!  They had been praying..  some members for like 10 years that there would be a church there in Cubulco!  And we were a part of the first meeting there!  So we were basically the pioneers of this area so we took pictures after church which is only 2 hours because we are a group not a stake or a branch, and so I will send those to you!  But the members are super excited to work here because they want this part of Guatemala to grow...  So that is all good!

Then other than that we received a little bit of bad news yesterday... because Lorenzo (who was one of the investigators that we were going to baptize) went to the house of one of his friends saturday, and they forced him to drink, and well he ended up getting drunk and sleeping over at his friends house and then didnt up going to church, so we have a little bit of a problem there... but we are going to see what happens with him this week.  So that was a little bit sad... and it showed us that not only God is advancing his work but Satan is also advancing his work... so yeah that was a wee bit sad..

But other than that we were able to have a pretty good week.  Me and Elder Tello had some good study sessions this week, probably some of my favorites in the mission... we learned some much because he has 23 months in the mission and also we just focused so hard on our area to see how we could progress it... and I really do know that the spirit was with us studying.. So that was great!  

That´s all folks...

Elder Stuart

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Another week in paradise!!

Well this week was halloween!  I hope that you enjoyed it!  So I dont know if you guys remember, but Rabinal is a pretty crazy place... and well the go hard with traditions... So here for Halloween, they go to the graveyard and they clean it up and they put food on the graves... Dont ask me why, because not only do I not know why, but they also dont know why they just say ¨well it is tradition so we do it¨ and well the funny thing also is that in Rabinal there are a bunch of drunks, and we saw them in the graveyard along with the dogs eating all the food!  So I ust thought that I would share that with you guys...

As for the work... IT IS GOING GREAT!  So here in Cubulco... we have to travel 39 minutes to Rabinal to go to church, and well I guess that like 2 months ago... President Curtiss sent in a request that it could become a little group.... Which means that it isnt quite a branch but we are going to be able to have our meetings in Cubulco... and there are only going to be like 10 people there including us! But we now have like 3 families that say that they will now finally get baptized now that there is a group there in Cubulco...  So we are going to see how that goes next week, because it will start the first time next week!  The only sad thing is that I wont be able to see the people from Rabinal very much anymore... but every monday and wednesday we have to pass through there to go to salama... and so maybe Ill see some people!

So the work in Cubulco is fantastic! There are many good things that are going to be happening here... First off we do have a lot of people here to teach... the only problem is that before everyone said that they just couldnt pay the fare to get to Rabinal, but now that there will be a little group here... they would like to get to know the church!  So over about this past year there have been about 5 or 6 families that were prepared by the elders to get baptized but they all said that if there were a church in Cubulco they would get baptized... so now me and elder tello are going to see how sincere those sayings were... that if they really are going to continue going to church and maybe get baptized... so I am kind of excited to see if I can do the other half of the work now.. My whole mission I have prepared people to be baptized but never seen it, so lets see if now I can be the person that finishes the work!  But we will see how that goes...

So yeah I am super excited!

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well this week has been an adventure!  I got a change last night and I will be heading to a place named Cubulco.... which I dont know if you guys remember or not, but that is right next to Rabinal (my first area)  and I will be going to the same branch!  so I am going to see all the people that I taught and knew at the first of my mission, because these areas are like 30 minutes apart, and they go to the same building... so I am super excited for that!  And I at one time was working in that area for 3 weeks, and we were able to find some people that were baptized so I will be able to see them too... so I am just so excited!  And another great part is that my companion is Elder Tello and he is from Texas, so I will be having my third Gringo companion, and I am super excited for that!  

But here in La Libertad I am going to miss the people here... I got to know them and I think that I am going to miss it here... especially because we have got two more people that are going to be baptized in November here... so I am sad to not be here for that... But I guess the point of my mission was to see that hard work brings success... but many times I am not the person that receives this ¨success¨ all the time... which is fine by me.. So I am just so excited to hear them get baptized in a couple weeks... 

But just so you all know, I am just enjoying the mission, it is the best thing in the world... and I hope to be able to continue working diligently for the short time that I have got!

Love you All

Elder Stuart