Sunday, November 16, 2014


Well this week was a pretty good week!  We had church in Cubulco for the first time in like millions of years!  It was really exciting and it was probably my favorite sunday in my whole life!  So we had church at 9 like always and well the only sad part was that nobody showed up until like 9 15... but that is normal for guatemala... And we ended up having 21 people there!  It was great!  And the cool thing is that we have 5 different families there and so it was just them and some of their friends and it was really cool to see it all happen!  So I was just super excited and it was cool to see the dreams of these people finally come true!  They had been praying..  some members for like 10 years that there would be a church there in Cubulco!  And we were a part of the first meeting there!  So we were basically the pioneers of this area so we took pictures after church which is only 2 hours because we are a group not a stake or a branch, and so I will send those to you!  But the members are super excited to work here because they want this part of Guatemala to grow...  So that is all good!

Then other than that we received a little bit of bad news yesterday... because Lorenzo (who was one of the investigators that we were going to baptize) went to the house of one of his friends saturday, and they forced him to drink, and well he ended up getting drunk and sleeping over at his friends house and then didnt up going to church, so we have a little bit of a problem there... but we are going to see what happens with him this week.  So that was a little bit sad... and it showed us that not only God is advancing his work but Satan is also advancing his work... so yeah that was a wee bit sad..

But other than that we were able to have a pretty good week.  Me and Elder Tello had some good study sessions this week, probably some of my favorites in the mission... we learned some much because he has 23 months in the mission and also we just focused so hard on our area to see how we could progress it... and I really do know that the spirit was with us studying.. So that was great!  

That´s all folks...

Elder Stuart

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