Sunday, November 9, 2014

Another week in paradise!!

Well this week was halloween!  I hope that you enjoyed it!  So I dont know if you guys remember, but Rabinal is a pretty crazy place... and well the go hard with traditions... So here for Halloween, they go to the graveyard and they clean it up and they put food on the graves... Dont ask me why, because not only do I not know why, but they also dont know why they just say ¨well it is tradition so we do it¨ and well the funny thing also is that in Rabinal there are a bunch of drunks, and we saw them in the graveyard along with the dogs eating all the food!  So I ust thought that I would share that with you guys...

As for the work... IT IS GOING GREAT!  So here in Cubulco... we have to travel 39 minutes to Rabinal to go to church, and well I guess that like 2 months ago... President Curtiss sent in a request that it could become a little group.... Which means that it isnt quite a branch but we are going to be able to have our meetings in Cubulco... and there are only going to be like 10 people there including us! But we now have like 3 families that say that they will now finally get baptized now that there is a group there in Cubulco...  So we are going to see how that goes next week, because it will start the first time next week!  The only sad thing is that I wont be able to see the people from Rabinal very much anymore... but every monday and wednesday we have to pass through there to go to salama... and so maybe Ill see some people!

So the work in Cubulco is fantastic! There are many good things that are going to be happening here... First off we do have a lot of people here to teach... the only problem is that before everyone said that they just couldnt pay the fare to get to Rabinal, but now that there will be a little group here... they would like to get to know the church!  So over about this past year there have been about 5 or 6 families that were prepared by the elders to get baptized but they all said that if there were a church in Cubulco they would get baptized... so now me and elder tello are going to see how sincere those sayings were... that if they really are going to continue going to church and maybe get baptized... so I am kind of excited to see if I can do the other half of the work now.. My whole mission I have prepared people to be baptized but never seen it, so lets see if now I can be the person that finishes the work!  But we will see how that goes...

So yeah I am super excited!

Love Elder Stuart

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