Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another week gone

Well this week was another adventurous week!  But I am super tired because we just got done playing tennis... and it was my first time playing a sport other than soccer in like 16 months and so I am super tired, but I will try my best to share with you guys what has happened this week!

So now we have two investigators that are sisters name Erika and Luki... they are wife and sister in law of a member in Cubulco and we are teaching them and they finally decided that they want to get baptized!  So we are just going to prepare them a little and then they will get baptized within a few weeks!  So we are pretty excited for that!

But this week we had a district conference on sunday (for those that live in utah and dont know what that is, but it is like stake conference but for the branches..)  and so we had to take the whole group of cubulco to salama, which is about 2 hours away... and well this week we only ended up with an attendance of 10 but that is ok... we are still super excited for this next week!

As for me and Elder tello we are doing good.. he is making his final preparations to go home in like 2 weeks so we are kind of sad to see him go...

And well I guess that that is all...

Good Luck! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Stuart

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