Thursday, May 28, 2015


jsut taking pictureds with a family... sorry for the spelling..s.akflsja

Another week

Well this week was a pretty decent week.  We were able to get things going a little bit better here again... so all is well here.  We are getting better and better each day. We have three investigators that are progressing pretty well here... Named Mario Wendy and Carlos.  They are all pretty cool people that we were able to find these past few weeks.. and they all said this week that they want to get baptized... so we are working with them to get them baptized within this month of June!  So we are pretty excited for that!  Also we are hoping to get this area going strong!  

Other than that all is well here in poptun... 

Love Elder Stuart

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Here is a pic of me and my comp... I forgot to take one during the week, so I just barely took one and there you go...  

Bueno bueno

Alright well here we go again!  So this week was pretty great!!!!!  We were finally getting going again..  These 3 weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks of my whole life... I usually dont get stressed out so this is kind of new for me..  but I think we are now getting things rolling here.  So basically what has been happening is that we have had so many problems in the district with obedience that I have basically been babysitting 14 missionaries for the past 3 weeks... It has really just been stressing me out.. but this week we had the conference with Elder Alonso from the 70!  So he basically just called out the 4 Elders that have been causing the most problems in front of everyone and told them that they need to change and be more obedient... So that was pretty great... so for right now things are going pretty decent again bu I guess that we will see how long that lasts..  But yeah so I hope that now It wont be so stressful

Now for the work in Poptun we were also having a ton of problems here... one of which is the attendance of sacrament meeting, another are the leaders, another is that the missionaries that always come here always get their area cleaned out... and I could go on for days about all the problems here.. but Basically yesterday we got everything figured out... because we finally got to talk to the to the Branch President who was super depressed about everything... and we finally got to talk to him to figure out his problems to help him get back into everything and by the end he was feeling super good about everything.. and he was back in the game... so that is going to solve just about all the problems that are going on with the branch..  So that was just fantastic.  

So yeah this was kind of the ending of a really stressful three weeks, but now everything is better and we are going to be doing much better these weeks....  Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Well I dont have much to say this week because we talked last night.. but it has been a pretty good week this week and we were excited to be able to work this week.. our big focus here in Poptun are the youth... so these pictures are pictures of an activity that we did for the youth here in poptun.. it was fun... we had trivial questions divided into teams and then we did relay races and many other types of games to get the youth more spiritually and physically excited to go to church...  So that was the highlight of the week.  Also we are working on getting some of our investigators to church but it hasnt really been working so we are trying to figure out what we can do to get that rolling..  Me and my companion are doing good getting along and what not... so that is good.. but yeah that is about all...

Love elder Stuart

Sunday, May 10, 2015


We went to a waterfall today for pday as a district...  It was pretty sweet!

pictures of my new house... which is the best house by far in the mission... It is just incredible!


Well my new area is poptun... and it is a pretty great area!  It doesnt come even close to Cubulco... but it is still a great area..  so it is pretty exciting... the only problem is that here was one of the 6 branches that we have here in peten to become wards... and so that Peten will become a stake and not just a district... but the only problem is that the attendance here was about 120... and then it just dropped like 8 months ago.. so it was ready to become a ward.. .but now it isnt.. so that is our goal here... to get the attendance back up to 120 because now it is at like 48 last week.. so we have got a lot of work to do.. Because this is now the last branch that we need to get ready for Peten to become a stake.. or in other words if we get the attendance back up and everything else stays good... we are going to have our second stake in the mission... so we are super excited for that!  

So we have got a lot to do.. and the biggest problem that we have is that all six of the missionaries here (me and my companion and 4 sisters)  are all new to the area... or in other words nobody knows anything about Poptun here other than the fact that it is in a hole... so we have a lot to do... and my companion is Elder Morillo.. he is from the Dominican Republic.. so he is now my second companion from there and he is super funny so we are going to see how this all goes with him..

So this week was just a lot of walking around and trying to get to know the people here and looking for people who want to hear the gospel... but next week is going to be much better!

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Just my goodbye lunch here in Cubulco.  There is a picture of Elder Nombrado and Elder Gomez... Elder nombrado is going to peten with me but he is going to a different area... and Elder Gomez is staying here in Cubulco....


Well they finally kicked me out of Cubulco...  It is super sad for me to leave this place... I really grew to love it! I had been here in this branch for a total of like 11 months.... That is a super long time... and it was so hard for me to say goodbye to the people here yesterday... That is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do...  But I am going back to the Petén which is kind of exciting but also a kind of sad because it is super hot there right now.. but I guess that I will get used to it.  I am going to a place called Poptun.  Luckily it is the coldest part in the peten, but it isnt cold... It is probably like summer temperatures in utah.. so yeah it will be fun though!  Also I think that it will be my last area in the mission.. (that is so weird to say).  

But anyway about this week in Cubulco... we were able to help it progress here a little bit this week.  The biggest problem that we had while I was here is that I was the only leader here in Cubulco... there were no callings for the members here...  because we couldnt give callings to the Group especifically... but we finally got permission to give some callings out to the members here in Cubulco and they were super excited to get their callings.. so hopefully for the new group leader here it will be a little bit easier for him because there are now callings here.  So that was probably the biggest this that we did this week, is that we had to teach these people what is their calling and how to complete it and all that to prepare the way for the new Elder that is going to come to Cubulco.

Also I am a little bit sad to leave here.. because we finally got the people to start to progress here, and the baptism of Tereso (who got baptized last week) was a big step here in Cubulco.. and there are about 10 more people that will be baptized here in Cubulco in May and June... so I am a little bit sad to not be here for that, but I will be excited to hear about their baptisms in the future!

So that is about all for this week...Love you all!

Love Elder Stuart