Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bueno bueno

Alright well here we go again!  So this week was pretty great!!!!!  We were finally getting going again..  These 3 weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks of my whole life... I usually dont get stressed out so this is kind of new for me..  but I think we are now getting things rolling here.  So basically what has been happening is that we have had so many problems in the district with obedience that I have basically been babysitting 14 missionaries for the past 3 weeks... It has really just been stressing me out.. but this week we had the conference with Elder Alonso from the 70!  So he basically just called out the 4 Elders that have been causing the most problems in front of everyone and told them that they need to change and be more obedient... So that was pretty great... so for right now things are going pretty decent again bu I guess that we will see how long that lasts..  But yeah so I hope that now It wont be so stressful

Now for the work in Poptun we were also having a ton of problems here... one of which is the attendance of sacrament meeting, another are the leaders, another is that the missionaries that always come here always get their area cleaned out... and I could go on for days about all the problems here.. but Basically yesterday we got everything figured out... because we finally got to talk to the to the Branch President who was super depressed about everything... and we finally got to talk to him to figure out his problems to help him get back into everything and by the end he was feeling super good about everything.. and he was back in the game... so that is going to solve just about all the problems that are going on with the branch..  So that was just fantastic.  

So yeah this was kind of the ending of a really stressful three weeks, but now everything is better and we are going to be doing much better these weeks....  Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Stuart

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