Monday, November 25, 2013

More Photos! - Taken from Elder Call's Blog!

Hello Everyone!  This is Elder Stuart's sister (the one who posts his emails and photos for him!)  We were trying to find an address to send Jeffrey's Christmas package to and came across the blog for Elder Call who was Jeffrey's companion for a couple of weeks while Jeffrey was in a trio.  You can check out Elder Call's blog about his experiences by clicking on the link to the left (where our brother's mission blog is as well!).  My mom and I decided to take a look through some of Elder Call's pictures to see if there were any of Jeffrey, and we found these wonderful pictures of Jeffrey!  We don't have too many pictures of Jeffrey himself, because he always seems to take pictures of other things.

I have taken all of the following pictures of Jeffrey off of Elder Call's blog as well as the captions that accompany the pictures.  Thanks for sharing pictures of my brother Elder Call!

taking one of the members home from after church haha with this elder in my district. haha this elder has 1 week in the mission. how can i have almost a year in the mission. i feel like i am in my first week also.  [22 Sep 2013]

lunch with the elders in my distric the hermanas live like 2 hours away  [25 Sep 2013]

eating lunch at a members house  [12 Oct 2013]

church activity for el dia del nino  [12 Oct 2013]

the missionaries in my branch and i took a pic of the funniest guy in the branch nicco he just sleeps during everything haha  [12 Oct 2013]

my comp and the elders in rabinal all in the hamaca  [20 Oct 2013]

dinner at robertos house  [5 Nov 2013]

stuart and i tortillaring in our house haha  [9 Nov 2013]

the baptism and i'm soaking wet with a broken belt haha  [9 Nov 2013]

stuart baptizing  [9 Nov 2013]

today at some like sugar factory museum thing  [11 Nov 2013]
All photos are credited to Elder Call

Sunday, November 24, 2013


This is the picture of the cake that we ate for Calls 1 year!

We have no idea what this was or what it was for, but whatever it was, here it is.  

This is one of the streets in Rabinal, it was a pretty sweet picture so yeah..

And on this sign they spelt my name wrong... so i put the T there...


Well Im writing today because yesterday we had to back to Coban to get Elder Brito, because he is my comp again!!  Not gonna lie it kind of sucked being in a trio, so Im glad to be back with Brito.  Also we had to stay over night Sunday at the APs house and it was pretty sweet.  We ate McDonalds and we had hot showers so it was like the best day of my life.
Not much happened this week, but it was Elder Calls 1 year mark, so we had a little fiesta on wednesday.  We ate an icecream cake that was huge and he burnt his shirt, so that was pretty fun.  But this cake was for 15 people and us three ate it, and I ended up eating half of it because they couldnt eat any more, and it was an Ice cream cake, so we couldnt take it home, because we dont have a freezer.  But it was worth it.
Also this week in church was fantastic.  Our branch president came to church, and we also found this less active guy in cubulco, so we had a pretty successful day in church.  It was amazing to see how much more we could feel the spirit with these two preisthood holders in church, instead of the usual one, and it was just fantastic!!
Other than that it was kind of a slow week so yeah thats all folks...
Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, November 17, 2013


This is part of a chicken... The foot.  This was a picture while she was preparing it, but I didnt think that we were going to have to eat it, but we did...  So I ate chicken foot and also the kidney.  It was awful, but i was greatful, because she gave the heart to one of her kids, and the head to the other.  So that was good

My Comps

Well things are going great here in the mission field.  But being in a trio is kind of tough, but it has been helping us a lot with working the two areas because we can do divisions with the members.  So usually 1 or 2 times a week Elder Call and Aybar go to Cubulco to work, and I stay in Rabinal and work with a member.  Its really tough because we only have two people that we can do divisions with, and one of them has to work in the Capital for 15 days then he gets three days off, then goes back...  And the other one is about 100 and sleeps through everything.  So Im basically working on my own, which is kind of weird not having another Elder sometimes, but somehow the work is still progressing in both areas, so that is pretty great.

But our companionship is pretty fantastic.  We all get along well, and we have a lot of fun experiences together.  So all Is going great with that.  Elder Aybar is from the Domincan Republic and he loves baseball, but who doesnt from the Republic...  and yeah he has quite the arm.  Funny story...  So Ive said before how there are always dogs in the streets right... well me and Elder Call are always tossing rocks at the dogs, like just to scare them and stuff because its really funny.  But Aybar didnt like doing this, but one time me and Call were chasing a dog, and all of a sudden a rock passed by us, going about 100 mph, and barely missed the dog.  We turned around, and there was Aybar.  He basically almost killed the dog, but it was hilarious.  So we had to explain that we dont really want to kill the dogs, just scare them.  So thats Elder Aybar for ya.  And Elder Call is hilarious.  There he is from the bay area, and yeah he is hilarious.  So here in guatemala they are constantly making tortillas.  either in their houses or in Tortillarias, i dont know if i spelled that right, but they are constantly working on their tortillas.  So he always asks them if they need help, but they always say know because well were gringos and we dont know how to do these things.  But one time a member said yes she would like some help.  Lets just say that me and Elder Call cant make tortillas.  We sucked at it, but she wanted to help us get better so she bought us all the supplies and crap so that we could tortillar in our house.  So we tried that later in our house and it was an epic failure.  So we are going to give up on our career of tortillando.  So yeah that is a little info about my comps.

Other than that Im not exactly sure what happend this week, because for some reason I have a brain fart every time I go to write on the computer.  So yeah..  Things are going pretty great we are working hard and just having a great time.  Thanks for all the support!!

Elder Jeffrey Stuart

Sunday, November 10, 2013


This is my dinner.. Hot dogs with eggs ketchup and chili sauce..  a little odd but fabulously delcious.

We built a teepee-bonfire thingy for service because she wanted to burn all this stuff so we had a little fun while we were at it...

We had to move elder Call out of his house because his house was hauted, so this is all their stuff that we moved.  It was fun to play tetris with furniture...

New Comps

Well as I left off last week, my comp, Elder Brito hurt his knee.  I didnt think much of it but we called Hermana Curtiss and she said that we should go to Coban tomorrow, tuesday, and get it checked out.  So we did, we left at like 7 in the morning tuesday to go to the doctor.  So we finally made it to the doctor and he told us that there definately was something wrong and that we need to go to a different doctor to get an MRI.  So we went there and we got the MRI but we couldnt get the results until the next day, wednesday...  So we stayed over night at the assisstants house so that we could get the results and not have to travel back to Rabinal that night.  By the time we had left the final doctor it was like 5 in the night so we spent about 7 hours at the doctors office that day.  That is one example of how bad the doctors are here, because it took 7 hours to tell us that we need an MRI and to go and get it done.  So that was a little long.  But anyways we went to get the results on wednesday and we figured out that Brito shouldnt walk for about a month.  This was really disappointing to hear.  So by the time that we got all his things that he needed from the doctor, like medicine crutches it was 3.  So that was really boring because we had to stay at the assistants house again that night, because they didnt know what to do with us.  So we stayed over night at the assistants house again, which really sucked because we hadnt planned on staying over night, so we had nothing.  We had no new clothes, toothbrushes, or things like that so it really wasnt that great.  So then on Thursday we figured out what we would be doing.  So at about 10 we talked with the president on thursday morning.  He told us that brito was going to stay in the mission office, and that I was going to go work in a different area in a trio with Elders Ashcroft and Tellas.  Elder Ashcroft is the other district leader in my zone, and also he was Jonnys comp in the MTC.  So I was a little sad to be leaving Brito, but it would be cool to work with Ashcroft.  So I got in a car with Elder Kirk, a senior missionary who helps the pres, and he was going to take me to Rabinal to get all my things and then take me to the other area.  He was the guy who worked in the FBI so that was pretty cool to talk to him about his work.  So he dropped me off at Rabinal to pack my things, because he had to go to do something else, and he would come back in an hour.  So there was a member with me, but I wasnt with another missionary at this time which was a little weird, but I packed my stuff and was ready to go.  But then he came back to the house about an hour later to tell me that I was going to stay in Rabinal and be in a trio with Elder Call, my district leader, and His comp, Elder Aybar.  So I didnt have to leave my area which made me pretty happy, but I was a little sad to not work with Ashcroft, because that wouldve been really cool.  So long story short, Brito had to leave and now Im in a trio with Elders Call and Aybar, and im still in Rabinal.  So yeah kind of a long week.  And also we have to work two different areas, their area, Cubulco and Rabinal.  They are about 30 minutes away by bus so that kind of sucks.  But I will explain more of that next week when I have more time. 
Anyways the work was a little slow this week, because we werent in Rabinal for half the week and we have to work two areas so we cant only focus on the people here in Rabinal.  This definately showed, because we only had 30 people in church, When we usually have about 40 or 45.  So yeah it just goes to show that working hard and sufficiently really does pay off.  Because we hardly worked in our area this week because of all that was going on, and we had only two thirds of the people in church.  But I know that it was only for this week and that we will be able to get everything back to normal in no time.  But Im super excited to work my butt of this week to get everything back to normal. 
Also I cant believe that you guys have already gotten snow!!  Its hard to believe that it can be like 90 degrees here and only a 5 hour plane ride away it is snowing!!  Thats pretty cool.
My scripture this week in D and C 121.  I dont want to type it all out but it talks about Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, and the struggles that he had, but through the help of our Heavenly Father we are able to get through everything.
Elder Jeffrey Stuart

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I didnt take many photos this week so this is the only one, but its pretty great.  We were teaching with these two members at like four in the afternoon.  And it was probably 60-70 degrees, with a slight drizzle, like you couldnt even feel it. And they had these coats on...  So me and my comp were a little confused so I took this picture.  The dad is in the brown, and the son is in the green huge coat in the background.  It was pretty funny.


Well this week was Transfers but not much happened.  Me and Elder Brito are still comps in Rabinal, so that is pretty cool and yeah not much else is important to you guys so thats about it.  

So this week has been pretty great.  We are continuing to work hard and its continuing to pay off.  This makes me super happy, and makes me want to work even harder.  So its pretty great here.  But my comp injured his knee today pretty badly so we dont know how we are going to keep the same pace that we have been working at, but it should all work out.

Also the people here are pretty funny.  This week I was asked by two different members if I knew how to eat a tortilla...  I kind of thought it was a joke but they were dead serious.  They both thought that there werent tortillas in America.  So that gave me a pretty good laugh.

So things are going pretty great here, and Im loving every minute of it.  Thanks for all of the support!

Elder Jeffrey Stuart


This is the people at the baptism.  That is basically all of our ward...  So we are working hard to get more people.
This is from inside of the cave looking out that i talked about in my letter.  It was very beautiful..
This is me with Barcelona soccer team.  The big Real v. Barse game is this saturday!!
We found this inside one of the members houses.  His chick died on his floor, but they still ended up eating it that night...


Today was a great week.  We had our first baptism, and I got to perform the ordinance!!  It was awesome to feel the spirit so strongly.  So things are going pretty good right now.  We have right now, three more lined up for the next four weeks so im pretty excited for that.  
Also we get our first changes next week, and I am definately going to stay in Rabinal, but my comp/trainer might get changed because this was his fourth change in Rabinal, so he might be leaving but we dont know until next sunday.
Also things might be getting better, but for a bad reason...  We might be getting a new house...  And this house has a hot shower!!!!  So I am super stoked for this.  But anyways the reason that we are changing is because our house right now may or may not be haunted...  We have been hearing things during the nights that arent normal... So we are probably going to change houses.  But this is kind of normal here I have come to find.  My district leader has had to change houses before because of this very reason, so it is kind of fun to learn of all the ghost stories...
Next subject is like Jonny said Guatemala is so beautiful and we had the opportunity to go to a cave that is up in the mountains by our area.  The cave was huge and it was awesome.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and also like Jonny said people here are always carrying things on their heads, and I can definately attest to that.  I have seen some pretty crazy things being carried on top of peoples heads.  
It is awesome here and I am loving every minute of it!  My scripture for this week is 2nd nephi 32 3, but i dont really want to type it out so you are going to have to find it...  Love Elder Stuart