Sunday, November 3, 2013


Today was a great week.  We had our first baptism, and I got to perform the ordinance!!  It was awesome to feel the spirit so strongly.  So things are going pretty good right now.  We have right now, three more lined up for the next four weeks so im pretty excited for that.  
Also we get our first changes next week, and I am definately going to stay in Rabinal, but my comp/trainer might get changed because this was his fourth change in Rabinal, so he might be leaving but we dont know until next sunday.
Also things might be getting better, but for a bad reason...  We might be getting a new house...  And this house has a hot shower!!!!  So I am super stoked for this.  But anyways the reason that we are changing is because our house right now may or may not be haunted...  We have been hearing things during the nights that arent normal... So we are probably going to change houses.  But this is kind of normal here I have come to find.  My district leader has had to change houses before because of this very reason, so it is kind of fun to learn of all the ghost stories...
Next subject is like Jonny said Guatemala is so beautiful and we had the opportunity to go to a cave that is up in the mountains by our area.  The cave was huge and it was awesome.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and also like Jonny said people here are always carrying things on their heads, and I can definately attest to that.  I have seen some pretty crazy things being carried on top of peoples heads.  
It is awesome here and I am loving every minute of it!  My scripture for this week is 2nd nephi 32 3, but i dont really want to type it out so you are going to have to find it...  Love Elder Stuart

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