Sunday, November 24, 2013


Well Im writing today because yesterday we had to back to Coban to get Elder Brito, because he is my comp again!!  Not gonna lie it kind of sucked being in a trio, so Im glad to be back with Brito.  Also we had to stay over night Sunday at the APs house and it was pretty sweet.  We ate McDonalds and we had hot showers so it was like the best day of my life.
Not much happened this week, but it was Elder Calls 1 year mark, so we had a little fiesta on wednesday.  We ate an icecream cake that was huge and he burnt his shirt, so that was pretty fun.  But this cake was for 15 people and us three ate it, and I ended up eating half of it because they couldnt eat any more, and it was an Ice cream cake, so we couldnt take it home, because we dont have a freezer.  But it was worth it.
Also this week in church was fantastic.  Our branch president came to church, and we also found this less active guy in cubulco, so we had a pretty successful day in church.  It was amazing to see how much more we could feel the spirit with these two preisthood holders in church, instead of the usual one, and it was just fantastic!!
Other than that it was kind of a slow week so yeah thats all folks...
Love Elder Stuart

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