Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Comps

Well things are going great here in the mission field.  But being in a trio is kind of tough, but it has been helping us a lot with working the two areas because we can do divisions with the members.  So usually 1 or 2 times a week Elder Call and Aybar go to Cubulco to work, and I stay in Rabinal and work with a member.  Its really tough because we only have two people that we can do divisions with, and one of them has to work in the Capital for 15 days then he gets three days off, then goes back...  And the other one is about 100 and sleeps through everything.  So Im basically working on my own, which is kind of weird not having another Elder sometimes, but somehow the work is still progressing in both areas, so that is pretty great.

But our companionship is pretty fantastic.  We all get along well, and we have a lot of fun experiences together.  So all Is going great with that.  Elder Aybar is from the Domincan Republic and he loves baseball, but who doesnt from the Republic...  and yeah he has quite the arm.  Funny story...  So Ive said before how there are always dogs in the streets right... well me and Elder Call are always tossing rocks at the dogs, like just to scare them and stuff because its really funny.  But Aybar didnt like doing this, but one time me and Call were chasing a dog, and all of a sudden a rock passed by us, going about 100 mph, and barely missed the dog.  We turned around, and there was Aybar.  He basically almost killed the dog, but it was hilarious.  So we had to explain that we dont really want to kill the dogs, just scare them.  So thats Elder Aybar for ya.  And Elder Call is hilarious.  There he is from the bay area, and yeah he is hilarious.  So here in guatemala they are constantly making tortillas.  either in their houses or in Tortillarias, i dont know if i spelled that right, but they are constantly working on their tortillas.  So he always asks them if they need help, but they always say know because well were gringos and we dont know how to do these things.  But one time a member said yes she would like some help.  Lets just say that me and Elder Call cant make tortillas.  We sucked at it, but she wanted to help us get better so she bought us all the supplies and crap so that we could tortillar in our house.  So we tried that later in our house and it was an epic failure.  So we are going to give up on our career of tortillando.  So yeah that is a little info about my comps.

Other than that Im not exactly sure what happend this week, because for some reason I have a brain fart every time I go to write on the computer.  So yeah..  Things are going pretty great we are working hard and just having a great time.  Thanks for all the support!!

Elder Jeffrey Stuart

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