Sunday, September 28, 2014


Well I dont have very many pictures this week, even of Tikal... because I gave my camera to one of the sister missionaries who didnt have a camera, because hers was ruined this week, so yeah bummer right... but next week Ill have more.

These are just some pictures that I took this morning on our way walking to the bus station to go to Tikal at 440 in the morning.  It was pretty cool!

Some pics that my comp took at Tikal of us that he just sent to me!

Week 6

Well this is my last week of this change... yet another change has flown by, just 7 more!  But things went well this week, although it has gone by a Little slow, it is going by pretty smoothly.  We are hoping that we will be able to have some success this week.  We have plans for 2 baptisms this saturday, and we are really hoping that all will go smoothly with that. 

But anyways this week has been pretty interesting in the work.  We had some good things happen and well some bad things happen but overall it was a pretty decent week!  We had a really cool thing happen this week, that the father of these two kids that are going to get baptized, he was really happy that his kids get baptized, and we are hoping that eventually he will get baptized also, but in the future.  So that was pretty good.

Another good thing that happened was that we were able to have interviews with president Curtiss... and they were pretty great.  Everything is rolling along over there nice and fine. 

Another good thing that happened.... is that we were able to prepare some other people for baptism for the month of October so we are really excited for them to get baptized, but the only sad part is that I might have a change this week and I might not be here to see that... so we will see how that goes. 

And one last thing that was cool this week is that we were able to go to Tikal today!  It is basically the most popular thing to do in Guatemala.  It is a bunch of Ruins that are super big!  They are crazy big!  So that was really really cool!  It was great to go and we went with all our zone... the only problema is that my companion didnt want to go... I have absolutely no idea why, but whatever right???  We still ended up going!  So that was pretty interesting!

That is all that happened with me this week... so my scripture for you guys in Moroni 7:2... it is a Little hard to understand... but think about the will of christ and what he wants for you guys when you read it...

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, September 21, 2014


When I was a little boy I thought that it might be fun to cut my lawn with a pair of scissors (dont think I spelt that right) then I came to Guatemala....  Very disappointingly, dream come true.

This week in Guate...

So this week was a pretty long week... but it was pretty good.  so as you guys know I was in the capital last week which is 12 hours away from where I am at... So that was the pits.  Then we went to go see the doctor and it turns out that everything is ok with my companion... and that we wasted 3 days to go there for my companion to receive a prescription for ibuproufen... so yeah I was a little bit frustrated about that.  But on the bright side I now got to know the Captial and I got to buy some little treats there that I cant find anywhere else.  So yeah mom about that on the credit card... sorry.. I had to...   But  overall it was a pretty disappointing experience.  We ended up having to take a 4 and a half hour bus ride in the morning...  Now just to put some imagery here.  Imaging riding in the back seat of the escalade... where there is no leg room...  but there is no gap in front of you for your legs.  Then to make it worse.. 5 people back there...  So if you can imagine that you can kind of feel my pain, but it gets worse... I was on a metal bar... Yep just my luck 4 and a half hours, no leg room, 5 people in a seat of 3 and I was on a bar... but it gets worse...  The people next to me... They were natives... but not your normal type of native... they are the type of native that stinks like they just got done washing their clothes, and body, with cat urine that was rotting in a jar for 3 months...  So yeah I could go into more detail... but I dont think you will want to know the other parts... so yeah just use your Imagination...

Then from there this week wasnt a very good week for the work either... because it is independence day here... today!  So this just to let you know a little bit about that.. Usually in church we have about 120-130 people in church to 53 this week.... So yeah that was a bummer... Everybody went to the parade, which just so happened to be at 9 in the morning until 12... so yeah just our luck right???  

So one word to describe this week long...  But we have got some good plans for this week! so yeah we are going to have some good things this week!

My scripture for today.. 1st nephi 3:16

Good luck my friends...

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, September 14, 2014




My zone

My comp fell asleep again... and so me and my convert... Angel... decided to have some fun with him...  He would not wake up!!!!  so we drew on him...  

The capital!!!!  And the temple!  Sadly my comp did carry his recommend (why? i dont know)  So we couldnt enter...

Burning a shirt, and a baptism.... but from a different area

 my comps birthday!

Guatemala City!

This week was an interesting week!  We had some pretty normal things happen... But really it wasnt a very exciting week... But it was a good one!

Well first of all... Right now I am in the capital of Guatemala... that is why I am writing you today... because we were in the Doctors office all day yesterday!  My companion had to come to the capital for some examines for his head...  I guess that he has had a lot of problems with his head.. and the sleeping thing, so we came to see if he was all good up there in his dome...  We hope so... we are still waiting for the results today...  

But yesterday was interesting, because I worked in a different mission!  I worked one day in the Guatemala South Mission.. and it was pretty fun.. but it weird how different the mission is one from another and things like that... just the little rules that change and stuff like that is pretty interesting!  So that was kind of fun!

As for my area in La Libertad, we are doing good... we have about 3 more baptisms planned for september, and like 2 for October.. So we are super excited!  We had a family of 8 people come to an activity in the church and they liked it but they didnt come to church on sunday.. so we are hoping that all will go good with them!  

But that is about it...  my scripture is joshua 1:9...  

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, September 7, 2014


My comp fell asleep the other day at like 10... I guess he wasnt feeling well or what not.. and well when I went to wake him up at 1030 he wouldnt wake up... so yeah thatt was where he was.. and it took a half hour of water pouring, pan smacking, and many other things to wake him up... I guess he has sleeping problems...

The Baptism..

Another week...

This week was a pretty good week!  We were able to baptize Rodrigo... So that was pretty exciting...  Also in my area there is this part named Las Cruces... that is about 34 minutes from La Libertad... and it is really good.. .There are two members that live there and there are so great!  We went there on thursday and these two members took us to like 5 different houses and we taught all these people and they all said that they are ready to assist a church, but the only problem is that it is too far away for them and it costs a lot... so they cant come to church... but it was a great experience to see all the people that have a desire to go to church there... so we are going to figure out what we do this week with them and so that is a good plan that we have got for this week.

Also this week we were not able to get Angels wife to church, because she went to go see her family which lives about 1 hour away... and she wanted Angel to go with her... and he said, no I now am a member of this church and I need to go... so he is doing great!!  And then after church he went to go meet up with her at her familys house.. so that was great to hear!

So things are going really great here... and it is great to be here in the mission...  I am absolutely loving it!  I cant believe how fast the time is going... But I love you all and have a great monday family home evening!!

Love Elder Stuart

DyC 33.13