Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another week...

This week was a pretty good week!  We were able to baptize Rodrigo... So that was pretty exciting...  Also in my area there is this part named Las Cruces... that is about 34 minutes from La Libertad... and it is really good.. .There are two members that live there and there are so great!  We went there on thursday and these two members took us to like 5 different houses and we taught all these people and they all said that they are ready to assist a church, but the only problem is that it is too far away for them and it costs a lot... so they cant come to church... but it was a great experience to see all the people that have a desire to go to church there... so we are going to figure out what we do this week with them and so that is a good plan that we have got for this week.

Also this week we were not able to get Angels wife to church, because she went to go see her family which lives about 1 hour away... and she wanted Angel to go with her... and he said, no I now am a member of this church and I need to go... so he is doing great!!  And then after church he went to go meet up with her at her familys house.. so that was great to hear!

So things are going really great here... and it is great to be here in the mission...  I am absolutely loving it!  I cant believe how fast the time is going... But I love you all and have a great monday family home evening!!

Love Elder Stuart

DyC 33.13

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