Sunday, September 21, 2014

This week in Guate...

So this week was a pretty long week... but it was pretty good.  so as you guys know I was in the capital last week which is 12 hours away from where I am at... So that was the pits.  Then we went to go see the doctor and it turns out that everything is ok with my companion... and that we wasted 3 days to go there for my companion to receive a prescription for ibuproufen... so yeah I was a little bit frustrated about that.  But on the bright side I now got to know the Captial and I got to buy some little treats there that I cant find anywhere else.  So yeah mom about that on the credit card... sorry.. I had to...   But  overall it was a pretty disappointing experience.  We ended up having to take a 4 and a half hour bus ride in the morning...  Now just to put some imagery here.  Imaging riding in the back seat of the escalade... where there is no leg room...  but there is no gap in front of you for your legs.  Then to make it worse.. 5 people back there...  So if you can imagine that you can kind of feel my pain, but it gets worse... I was on a metal bar... Yep just my luck 4 and a half hours, no leg room, 5 people in a seat of 3 and I was on a bar... but it gets worse...  The people next to me... They were natives... but not your normal type of native... they are the type of native that stinks like they just got done washing their clothes, and body, with cat urine that was rotting in a jar for 3 months...  So yeah I could go into more detail... but I dont think you will want to know the other parts... so yeah just use your Imagination...

Then from there this week wasnt a very good week for the work either... because it is independence day here... today!  So this just to let you know a little bit about that.. Usually in church we have about 120-130 people in church to 53 this week.... So yeah that was a bummer... Everybody went to the parade, which just so happened to be at 9 in the morning until 12... so yeah just our luck right???  

So one word to describe this week long...  But we have got some good plans for this week! so yeah we are going to have some good things this week!

My scripture for today.. 1st nephi 3:16

Good luck my friends...

Love Elder Stuart

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