Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guatemala City!

This week was an interesting week!  We had some pretty normal things happen... But really it wasnt a very exciting week... But it was a good one!

Well first of all... Right now I am in the capital of Guatemala... that is why I am writing you today... because we were in the Doctors office all day yesterday!  My companion had to come to the capital for some examines for his head...  I guess that he has had a lot of problems with his head.. and the sleeping thing, so we came to see if he was all good up there in his dome...  We hope so... we are still waiting for the results today...  

But yesterday was interesting, because I worked in a different mission!  I worked one day in the Guatemala South Mission.. and it was pretty fun.. but it weird how different the mission is one from another and things like that... just the little rules that change and stuff like that is pretty interesting!  So that was kind of fun!

As for my area in La Libertad, we are doing good... we have about 3 more baptisms planned for september, and like 2 for October.. So we are super excited!  We had a family of 8 people come to an activity in the church and they liked it but they didnt come to church on sunday.. so we are hoping that all will go good with them!  

But that is about it...  my scripture is joshua 1:9...  

Love Elder Stuart

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