Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 6

Well this is my last week of this change... yet another change has flown by, just 7 more!  But things went well this week, although it has gone by a Little slow, it is going by pretty smoothly.  We are hoping that we will be able to have some success this week.  We have plans for 2 baptisms this saturday, and we are really hoping that all will go smoothly with that. 

But anyways this week has been pretty interesting in the work.  We had some good things happen and well some bad things happen but overall it was a pretty decent week!  We had a really cool thing happen this week, that the father of these two kids that are going to get baptized, he was really happy that his kids get baptized, and we are hoping that eventually he will get baptized also, but in the future.  So that was pretty good.

Another good thing that happened was that we were able to have interviews with president Curtiss... and they were pretty great.  Everything is rolling along over there nice and fine. 

Another good thing that happened.... is that we were able to prepare some other people for baptism for the month of October so we are really excited for them to get baptized, but the only sad part is that I might have a change this week and I might not be here to see that... so we will see how that goes. 

And one last thing that was cool this week is that we were able to go to Tikal today!  It is basically the most popular thing to do in Guatemala.  It is a bunch of Ruins that are super big!  They are crazy big!  So that was really really cool!  It was great to go and we went with all our zone... the only problema is that my companion didnt want to go... I have absolutely no idea why, but whatever right???  We still ended up going!  So that was pretty interesting!

That is all that happened with me this week... so my scripture for you guys in Moroni 7:2... it is a Little hard to understand... but think about the will of christ and what he wants for you guys when you read it...

Love Elder Stuart

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