Sunday, October 26, 2014

Here we go again!

Well this week was a good week... the only thing is that we werent able to pull the baptism of Agusto together, because he said that he would like to go about 2 or 3 more times to church to get to know more... but he is still dying with the desire to get baptized, but he decided that it would be better to change a little bit more, to become more like Christ before he was baptized.  So I guess that is a good thing... but we were a little disappointed, but whatever right... these people do have their agency.  

But as for the other parts of the week... it was a pretty good week.  I was able to figure out today also that Douglas (an investigator that I had from Los Campos) was baptized!  So that was pretty cool!  And also that another family of four that I had in Los Campos that I didnt really talk about to you guys, because they werent too interested when I was there, were also baptized!  So that is all great!  

As for my companion we are getting along super well right now.  All last change and for the first two weeks of this change we did not get along... but now we are great friends!  So that is all going good... we are actually super sad, because we think that I am going to have a change this saturday and that I might not be staying here, so we wont be together anymore... so that kind of sucks... but well we will get through it.

So yeah over all, it is going good my life as a missionary...and I am a happy guy..

Love Elder stuart...

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Well this week was a good week we are just chugging along...we are doing good.  I am doing all good... I am enjoying the mission... and glad for the weeks to come.  We have been having some good weeks these past weeks, and I dont have much to share with you guys, other than a story of a guy named Agusto...

Agusto is one of our investigators.  We found him about 2 weeks and 2 days ago.  but first off, our mission has a theme (I think that is what you call it)  and that theme is Baptize and Retain.  So anyways a thing that we have also been practicing is, buscando los escogidos, or I think the translation is something like looking for the people who are ready.  That we contact people and invite them to church and baptism the first lesson(like always) but if they say no... we let them go for a little bit of time and we continue looking for the people that say yes...  and so anyway we had a cool experience with this with Agusto.  So we found him in the street about 2 weeks ago saturday... and we literally only talked with him for 5 minutes, and we invited him to church.  And well he said yes!  But usually when the people here say yes they just are kind of lying, but to be nice they say yes and they end up not going.  But that sunday which is 3 sundays ago he went to church!  So that was really cool!  But then that week with conferences and sickness of my companion we couldnt end up making it to visit him that week.. but we asked one of his friends who is Walter to talk to him to see if he would go to church again.. and he said yes.  So then 2 sundays ago (general conference)  this Agusto came to church AGAIN!  and we had only talked to him for about 5minutes.  And just so you guys know that is basically a miracle.... so anyways... this week we finally had put a time with him on wednesday to meet with him and so we met with him... and we taught him the restoration...  AND HE BELIEVED EVERYTHING!  It was really cool to see all this happen... and we invited him to be baptized for the 18th (this coming saturday) and he said yes!  So then we invited him to church this week and he came again!  and so now he will be getting baptized this saturday...  So anyways long story short there are many people ready to hear this gospel... we just need to find them.  I had been looking day to day for 24ish hours a day for this and I finally found it.  It is hard but it is rewarding.  So it is our job not only the missionaries, but the members (as shown in this story, the member that took him to church the 2 time) to find these people that are ready to be baptized and to come unto christ.  So sorry for the long story... but it was actually pretty cool to see. 

Last thing is that I have been studying more of the attributes of Christ... and I have noticed a big change in my life.  Even in just one week it really has changed me as a person.  I hope that you guys can do the same.... And a great place to find them are in Jesus the Christ... Dads favorite book...  I found 25 different attributes of Christ in just the first chapter and studied each one of them and it changed me... STUDY THEM!

Love Your Dear Elder Stuart

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Some little kid (investigator) had some walking sticks...and this is my comp trying to use them... he failed EPICALLY... this kid made it look so easy but it really isnt...  

Well this is general conference for yall... this is the saturday morning session... the first picture is the spanish speakers listening to it... all three of them... (p.s. 2 are missionaries and the other is the secretary of the branch) And this is the picture of the English session all four of us... me my comp and these two hnas... so we had a total of 7 people and 6 were missionaries!  Great turn out right???  Not even the president of the branch or his counsellors showed up... oops...


Well this week was a good week, but I dont really have a ton of time, so I am just going to send you the big things that happened... (like I do every week).  So General conference, It was great... but we only saw like 1 and a half talks saturday morning, because the internet here is terrible... then from there saturday afternoon we just listened to on the computer in English because watching it didnt work... so we listened to all of that one... but it isnt the same just listening to it... so that was a bummer... then for priesthood we listened to it in spanish... because yeah i had to... and well that was good but once again it just wasnt the same...  so that was goodish... then sunday morning we were able to watch the whole thing in english, and so that was good... then for the sunday afternoon, we were going to watch the conference, but there was no power, or lights, or internet... so we couldnt watch it... until about 3 ish we hopped on board and we watched the last hour in spanish, because we couldnt watch it in english... so yeah it was a great experience with the talks that I saw.... But hey that is guatemala for you right??  

But other than that we have been having a good time here in La Libertad... we were able to find teach and do all the good stuff... so that was good.  but one thing that is going really good here is that a while ago we were able to find a partial family ( a family that is some members and some not), and well those who are members are super inactive... and this week we were talking to them and we were talking about going to church (obvious??) and they said that finally they have the desire to go to church again... that they are ready to go to church once again in their lives... and we had been talking to them for about 3 months and they finally made that choice!  So that was super exciting!  So yeah that is about all that is happening here...

Love Elder Stuart

my scripture... well this week i was studying a lot the attributes of christ... and well how to be a better person and I really like these scriptures...mosiah 4:16-26... and alma 32:16  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Us trying to take a district photo... and failing twice before we got a good one... we only had 10 seconds...  

Um it rained a lot here...  This was in the street... um the water in the STREET was up to our knees... I dont know how it happened but yeah that is how it was... and there was a foot or two of water in some houses... so yeah that was kind of sad.. but it was pretty cool to see so much rain!

Me and elder Call... dont know if you guys  remember him, but he was by me back in Rabinal about a year ago... and we ended up doing a division this week, so we were having some fun... this is his house... one of the nicest houses in the mission... and also this lake is in the area of him, so we were passing by and I wanted to take a picture.... so yeah that was a pretty good day!

Hello again...

Well this week we received the changes but we received no changes... so me and my companion will be staying in this area for another 4 weeks... ( we have a short change this change, so yes it will be 4 weeks)  So we are actually pretty excited for that...  We might not get along very well... but neither one of us wanted a change, so we got what we wanted!  so we are pretty happy, and I feel like this change will be a good change!  So we are both pretty excited.

But anyways as for the working part... we sadly didnt have the 2 baptisms go through this past saturday... because at the last moment (thursday) they thought that they needed a little bit more preparation.  So that was a little bit sad, but I wasnt too sad because I know that they will be baptized now in october, and well I will be here.  So that is all good...  And the better part, is that when they were talking with us they told us that they wanted to receive the lessons again to understand them better, because they are 11 and 9, and in 2nd and 1st grades... so they arent the smartest people in the world... so they are wanting us to teach them again, but with their parents..  Their parents want to hear the lessons now!!  So sorry about that little story, but for those who didnt understand my jumbled english... the two kids didnt get baptized last saturday, because they want to be more prepared and they want their parents to receive the lessons... so that they can be baptized too!  So it was actually pretty cool!

So yeah we are all chill down here in guate... and I hope that you guys are ready for some snow!!!  Because here it comes!  But who knows right... but anyway, I am doing good.. I have still got my 2 arms and 2 legs, and my head... so we are doing good at this surviving thing.  And I hope that you will all listen, and watch General Conference this week!  It will be great!  So have fun, and good luck to those who need it, and well for those who dont...  read your scriptures...   My scripture is  1st nephi 1:12

Love Elder Stuart