Sunday, October 5, 2014


Us trying to take a district photo... and failing twice before we got a good one... we only had 10 seconds...  

Um it rained a lot here...  This was in the street... um the water in the STREET was up to our knees... I dont know how it happened but yeah that is how it was... and there was a foot or two of water in some houses... so yeah that was kind of sad.. but it was pretty cool to see so much rain!

Me and elder Call... dont know if you guys  remember him, but he was by me back in Rabinal about a year ago... and we ended up doing a division this week, so we were having some fun... this is his house... one of the nicest houses in the mission... and also this lake is in the area of him, so we were passing by and I wanted to take a picture.... so yeah that was a pretty good day!

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