Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello again...

Well this week we received the changes but we received no changes... so me and my companion will be staying in this area for another 4 weeks... ( we have a short change this change, so yes it will be 4 weeks)  So we are actually pretty excited for that...  We might not get along very well... but neither one of us wanted a change, so we got what we wanted!  so we are pretty happy, and I feel like this change will be a good change!  So we are both pretty excited.

But anyways as for the working part... we sadly didnt have the 2 baptisms go through this past saturday... because at the last moment (thursday) they thought that they needed a little bit more preparation.  So that was a little bit sad, but I wasnt too sad because I know that they will be baptized now in october, and well I will be here.  So that is all good...  And the better part, is that when they were talking with us they told us that they wanted to receive the lessons again to understand them better, because they are 11 and 9, and in 2nd and 1st grades... so they arent the smartest people in the world... so they are wanting us to teach them again, but with their parents..  Their parents want to hear the lessons now!!  So sorry about that little story, but for those who didnt understand my jumbled english... the two kids didnt get baptized last saturday, because they want to be more prepared and they want their parents to receive the lessons... so that they can be baptized too!  So it was actually pretty cool!

So yeah we are all chill down here in guate... and I hope that you guys are ready for some snow!!!  Because here it comes!  But who knows right... but anyway, I am doing good.. I have still got my 2 arms and 2 legs, and my head... so we are doing good at this surviving thing.  And I hope that you will all listen, and watch General Conference this week!  It will be great!  So have fun, and good luck to those who need it, and well for those who dont...  read your scriptures...   My scripture is  1st nephi 1:12

Love Elder Stuart

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