Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well this week was a good week, but I dont really have a ton of time, so I am just going to send you the big things that happened... (like I do every week).  So General conference, It was great... but we only saw like 1 and a half talks saturday morning, because the internet here is terrible... then from there saturday afternoon we just listened to on the computer in English because watching it didnt work... so we listened to all of that one... but it isnt the same just listening to it... so that was a bummer... then for priesthood we listened to it in spanish... because yeah i had to... and well that was good but once again it just wasnt the same...  so that was goodish... then sunday morning we were able to watch the whole thing in english, and so that was good... then for the sunday afternoon, we were going to watch the conference, but there was no power, or lights, or internet... so we couldnt watch it... until about 3 ish we hopped on board and we watched the last hour in spanish, because we couldnt watch it in english... so yeah it was a great experience with the talks that I saw.... But hey that is guatemala for you right??  

But other than that we have been having a good time here in La Libertad... we were able to find teach and do all the good stuff... so that was good.  but one thing that is going really good here is that a while ago we were able to find a partial family ( a family that is some members and some not), and well those who are members are super inactive... and this week we were talking to them and we were talking about going to church (obvious??) and they said that finally they have the desire to go to church again... that they are ready to go to church once again in their lives... and we had been talking to them for about 3 months and they finally made that choice!  So that was super exciting!  So yeah that is about all that is happening here...

Love Elder Stuart

my scripture... well this week i was studying a lot the attributes of christ... and well how to be a better person and I really like these scriptures...mosiah 4:16-26... and alma 32:16  Enjoy!

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