Sunday, October 26, 2014

Here we go again!

Well this week was a good week... the only thing is that we werent able to pull the baptism of Agusto together, because he said that he would like to go about 2 or 3 more times to church to get to know more... but he is still dying with the desire to get baptized, but he decided that it would be better to change a little bit more, to become more like Christ before he was baptized.  So I guess that is a good thing... but we were a little disappointed, but whatever right... these people do have their agency.  

But as for the other parts of the week... it was a pretty good week.  I was able to figure out today also that Douglas (an investigator that I had from Los Campos) was baptized!  So that was pretty cool!  And also that another family of four that I had in Los Campos that I didnt really talk about to you guys, because they werent too interested when I was there, were also baptized!  So that is all great!  

As for my companion we are getting along super well right now.  All last change and for the first two weeks of this change we did not get along... but now we are great friends!  So that is all going good... we are actually super sad, because we think that I am going to have a change this saturday and that I might not be staying here, so we wont be together anymore... so that kind of sucks... but well we will get through it.

So yeah over all, it is going good my life as a missionary...and I am a happy guy..

Love Elder stuart...

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