Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well this week has been an adventure!  I got a change last night and I will be heading to a place named Cubulco.... which I dont know if you guys remember or not, but that is right next to Rabinal (my first area)  and I will be going to the same branch!  so I am going to see all the people that I taught and knew at the first of my mission, because these areas are like 30 minutes apart, and they go to the same building... so I am super excited for that!  And I at one time was working in that area for 3 weeks, and we were able to find some people that were baptized so I will be able to see them too... so I am just so excited!  And another great part is that my companion is Elder Tello and he is from Texas, so I will be having my third Gringo companion, and I am super excited for that!  

But here in La Libertad I am going to miss the people here... I got to know them and I think that I am going to miss it here... especially because we have got two more people that are going to be baptized in November here... so I am sad to not be here for that... But I guess the point of my mission was to see that hard work brings success... but many times I am not the person that receives this ¨success¨ all the time... which is fine by me.. So I am just so excited to hear them get baptized in a couple weeks... 

But just so you all know, I am just enjoying the mission, it is the best thing in the world... and I hope to be able to continue working diligently for the short time that I have got!

Love you All

Elder Stuart

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