Sunday, November 23, 2014


 So yeah just to update you guys on my mission... it is going pretty pretty well... This week in cubulco we had 37 people!  So we are just strolling along very nicely here... 
So I dont know if you guys remember me in Rabinal a year ago... back then the people from cubulco and rabinal attended church there... and we usually had somewhere around 30-35 people each week... and well this week a year later we had 37 in just Cubulco!  We also had 16 more people in church this week than last week!  This area is growing super fast!  9 of those people that came were inactive members since like 12 years ago... and another 6 were investigadores...  So in other words it was a very successful week here in cubulco!
As for my companion and my personal status well all is well... 
I just dont have much to say other than that I am really content to be here in the mission! 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns... Write me..
Love Elder Stuart

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