Sunday, June 28, 2015


Well I dont have a ton of time today to write... because i had to travel today to coban... which is 7 hours in bus... one bus that is 2 hours long, and the next which is 5... so I am just now getting time to write you guys... and well at the same time I have to go... so just some quick updates....  

This week Wendy came to church!!!!!!  So that was super good.. but the only bummer is that her mom is trying to tell her that she cant get baptized because she is too young... (she is 17)  so not really understanding that part... but she will be turning 18 in september... so she says that she is going to be baptized anyway... but the only thing is that I might not have the opportunity to see her get baptized... but we are going to talk to her mom this week to see what we can do.. but we will see how that goes...

Also this week we were planning a lot about how to find new investigators that we can teach, and we had a really cool experience... a family was going to do a 1 year anniversary of the death of their 17 year old son... on tuesday... and they had plans to invite quite a few people to the activity...  And they wanted Elder Morillo to be there to talk and share some things... because he was there last year when the kid died... so we were hoping that it would be a good opportunity to find a lot of people and to teach them about the plan of salvation... So we went with that in mind to go to this activity not just to support this family, but also to find opportunities to teach about the plan of salvation... because something that they have taught me in the mission is that if you have ideas/plans to to something and you put your mind and strength to it you can do it.  So we did.. and we were able to find like 40 people there that werent member, that listened to the message... now obviously not all of them were interested to listen to us consistently we were able to findquite a few that we are going to be able to teach more about the gospel!!!  So that was pretty great!  So I am pretty excited about that!

So yeah I guess that is about all im going to write today...

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, June 21, 2015


A big dog!!!!!!!!!  IT is  3 months old... and its dad is taller than me, and weighs 160...  this thing scares me...  so i tried kissing it...

today we went to a hill that looks over poptun... and  well these are the pics... 


This week was a pretty good week... not as good as the last one... but it was still pretty good.  Wendy didnt come to church this week which was a bummer.. but we are planning on this next week... but she is progressing pretty good in her life... 

Also this week we did a lot of service and had some activities that were pretty good and we are just chuggin along here in Poptun...  

One thing that was cool is that our Elders quorum president, his wife is a little inactive, and she was sick with a lot of pain... and we just felt like we should pass by his house to see him... (although we didnt know she was sick) and well it turns out that we gave her a blessing and she got better and she came to church.  So that was pretty great!

But to be honest there wasnt anything else that was spectacular this week... so we will see how it goesthis week!

Love Elder Stuart

Sunday, June 14, 2015


The missionaries of poptun!


2 little kids in the street


Well it is official now.. I am into mylast change.  Me and Elder Morillo stayed together for the last change and we are still in Poptun!  So we will see how that goes becuase he is also going home the same day that I do... so that will be interesting!

But as for this week here in poptun we are doing good.  We were able to have 105 people in church!  We are super excited to see this branch progress!  It is super cool to see the fruits of your labors... so yeah things are going pretty good here.  And also the person that we are teaching... wendy... also came to church again... so that is super good she is on her way to getting baptized...  So we are planning on baptizing here withing these next few weeks...  The only problem that we have here is that we cant seem to get mario and carlos to church but we are working hard for that!  

We also had the opportunity to have a meeting with the leaders (kind of like ward council) but we cooked them lunch and talked to them a little about what we want from them... that is kind of the trick to tell someone what you want and not having them feel bad you just gotta give them a little bit of food... so that was pretty great.... that was on saturday... then on sunday as a branch they had 15 visits... when the normal was 0... so they got that going a little bit better!  So we are just kind of enjoying our time here....  because now we both have finally gotten used to knowing what to do that we have a lot of ideas of how to get things going... it is pretty nice... so yeah we are just pretty content here in Poptun and hoping that this week can be twice as good.

Love Elder Stuart


Well this week was a pretty interesting week!  It was a pretty good week. We had a really cool experience this week.  So we got a call from one of the sister missionaries telling us that they have an investigator that wanted a blessing, but it was the mom of the investigator and they didnt know where she lived... so they just kind of gave us the general direction and told us to go find them... so we finally found the house and we started talking to the mom and we came to find out that she is a less active member.  But that she is the only one in her family that is member.  So we started chatting a little about that and well it turns out that she has been waiting for like 3 years to find the desire to go back to church, but just never got the "push" to do it... so when we showed up to give the blessing to themshe explained to us that that was the push that she needed.  So that was on thursday, and on sunday her, along with her husband, son, daughter in law, and 2 grandchildren showed up to church!  So that was just a fantastic story for this week!

Also me and Elder Morillo have been working a lot with the people that we are teaching.... especially mario carlos and wendy... and it turns out that Wendy came to church yesterday and that she says that she is ready to get baptized!  It is always so great to hear that!  I sure am going to miss that.  But yeah so we are going to work super hard with her so that she can get baptized and so that she can continue on living the good life!  So yeah it has been a pretty decent week this week for us!
Also another good thing that happened this week is that church was actually pretty decent this week.  We were able to have a lot of people there...  80-90 people... which is much better than the 47 that we had like 3 weeks ago... so we are pretty excited for that because the Branch President is working super hard to get things rolling here in Poptun again!  So that is pretty great also!

My scripture that I want to share with you guys this week is D and C 82:10.  

Love Elder Stuart

[1 Jun 2015]