Sunday, June 14, 2015


Well this week was a pretty interesting week!  It was a pretty good week. We had a really cool experience this week.  So we got a call from one of the sister missionaries telling us that they have an investigator that wanted a blessing, but it was the mom of the investigator and they didnt know where she lived... so they just kind of gave us the general direction and told us to go find them... so we finally found the house and we started talking to the mom and we came to find out that she is a less active member.  But that she is the only one in her family that is member.  So we started chatting a little about that and well it turns out that she has been waiting for like 3 years to find the desire to go back to church, but just never got the "push" to do it... so when we showed up to give the blessing to themshe explained to us that that was the push that she needed.  So that was on thursday, and on sunday her, along with her husband, son, daughter in law, and 2 grandchildren showed up to church!  So that was just a fantastic story for this week!

Also me and Elder Morillo have been working a lot with the people that we are teaching.... especially mario carlos and wendy... and it turns out that Wendy came to church yesterday and that she says that she is ready to get baptized!  It is always so great to hear that!  I sure am going to miss that.  But yeah so we are going to work super hard with her so that she can get baptized and so that she can continue on living the good life!  So yeah it has been a pretty decent week this week for us!
Also another good thing that happened this week is that church was actually pretty decent this week.  We were able to have a lot of people there...  80-90 people... which is much better than the 47 that we had like 3 weeks ago... so we are pretty excited for that because the Branch President is working super hard to get things rolling here in Poptun again!  So that is pretty great also!

My scripture that I want to share with you guys this week is D and C 82:10.  

Love Elder Stuart

[1 Jun 2015]

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