Sunday, June 14, 2015


Well it is official now.. I am into mylast change.  Me and Elder Morillo stayed together for the last change and we are still in Poptun!  So we will see how that goes becuase he is also going home the same day that I do... so that will be interesting!

But as for this week here in poptun we are doing good.  We were able to have 105 people in church!  We are super excited to see this branch progress!  It is super cool to see the fruits of your labors... so yeah things are going pretty good here.  And also the person that we are teaching... wendy... also came to church again... so that is super good she is on her way to getting baptized...  So we are planning on baptizing here withing these next few weeks...  The only problem that we have here is that we cant seem to get mario and carlos to church but we are working hard for that!  

We also had the opportunity to have a meeting with the leaders (kind of like ward council) but we cooked them lunch and talked to them a little about what we want from them... that is kind of the trick to tell someone what you want and not having them feel bad you just gotta give them a little bit of food... so that was pretty great.... that was on saturday... then on sunday as a branch they had 15 visits... when the normal was 0... so they got that going a little bit better!  So we are just kind of enjoying our time here....  because now we both have finally gotten used to knowing what to do that we have a lot of ideas of how to get things going... it is pretty nice... so yeah we are just pretty content here in Poptun and hoping that this week can be twice as good.

Love Elder Stuart

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