Monday, November 25, 2013

More Photos! - Taken from Elder Call's Blog!

Hello Everyone!  This is Elder Stuart's sister (the one who posts his emails and photos for him!)  We were trying to find an address to send Jeffrey's Christmas package to and came across the blog for Elder Call who was Jeffrey's companion for a couple of weeks while Jeffrey was in a trio.  You can check out Elder Call's blog about his experiences by clicking on the link to the left (where our brother's mission blog is as well!).  My mom and I decided to take a look through some of Elder Call's pictures to see if there were any of Jeffrey, and we found these wonderful pictures of Jeffrey!  We don't have too many pictures of Jeffrey himself, because he always seems to take pictures of other things.

I have taken all of the following pictures of Jeffrey off of Elder Call's blog as well as the captions that accompany the pictures.  Thanks for sharing pictures of my brother Elder Call!

taking one of the members home from after church haha with this elder in my district. haha this elder has 1 week in the mission. how can i have almost a year in the mission. i feel like i am in my first week also.  [22 Sep 2013]

lunch with the elders in my distric the hermanas live like 2 hours away  [25 Sep 2013]

eating lunch at a members house  [12 Oct 2013]

church activity for el dia del nino  [12 Oct 2013]

the missionaries in my branch and i took a pic of the funniest guy in the branch nicco he just sleeps during everything haha  [12 Oct 2013]

my comp and the elders in rabinal all in the hamaca  [20 Oct 2013]

dinner at robertos house  [5 Nov 2013]

stuart and i tortillaring in our house haha  [9 Nov 2013]

the baptism and i'm soaking wet with a broken belt haha  [9 Nov 2013]

stuart baptizing  [9 Nov 2013]

today at some like sugar factory museum thing  [11 Nov 2013]
All photos are credited to Elder Call

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  1. So I am just about dying of curiosity! I served in the Guatemala City North Mission back in 2008-2010. The majority of my mission I was in the Coban and Polochic areas. So I am just curious if you could tell me more about the Coban mission itself. I'm curious about what parts of Guatemala it covers, how much Qeq'chi is used and stuff like that!
    Last thing! The North mission was incredible back when I was there, I can't imagine how much more amazing a COBAN mission is! I am truly envious of Elder Stuart!