Sunday, November 3, 2013


Well this week was Transfers but not much happened.  Me and Elder Brito are still comps in Rabinal, so that is pretty cool and yeah not much else is important to you guys so thats about it.  

So this week has been pretty great.  We are continuing to work hard and its continuing to pay off.  This makes me super happy, and makes me want to work even harder.  So its pretty great here.  But my comp injured his knee today pretty badly so we dont know how we are going to keep the same pace that we have been working at, but it should all work out.

Also the people here are pretty funny.  This week I was asked by two different members if I knew how to eat a tortilla...  I kind of thought it was a joke but they were dead serious.  They both thought that there werent tortillas in America.  So that gave me a pretty good laugh.

So things are going pretty great here, and Im loving every minute of it.  Thanks for all of the support!

Elder Jeffrey Stuart

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