Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Comps

Well as I left off last week, my comp, Elder Brito hurt his knee.  I didnt think much of it but we called Hermana Curtiss and she said that we should go to Coban tomorrow, tuesday, and get it checked out.  So we did, we left at like 7 in the morning tuesday to go to the doctor.  So we finally made it to the doctor and he told us that there definately was something wrong and that we need to go to a different doctor to get an MRI.  So we went there and we got the MRI but we couldnt get the results until the next day, wednesday...  So we stayed over night at the assisstants house so that we could get the results and not have to travel back to Rabinal that night.  By the time we had left the final doctor it was like 5 in the night so we spent about 7 hours at the doctors office that day.  That is one example of how bad the doctors are here, because it took 7 hours to tell us that we need an MRI and to go and get it done.  So that was a little long.  But anyways we went to get the results on wednesday and we figured out that Brito shouldnt walk for about a month.  This was really disappointing to hear.  So by the time that we got all his things that he needed from the doctor, like medicine crutches it was 3.  So that was really boring because we had to stay at the assistants house again that night, because they didnt know what to do with us.  So we stayed over night at the assistants house again, which really sucked because we hadnt planned on staying over night, so we had nothing.  We had no new clothes, toothbrushes, or things like that so it really wasnt that great.  So then on Thursday we figured out what we would be doing.  So at about 10 we talked with the president on thursday morning.  He told us that brito was going to stay in the mission office, and that I was going to go work in a different area in a trio with Elders Ashcroft and Tellas.  Elder Ashcroft is the other district leader in my zone, and also he was Jonnys comp in the MTC.  So I was a little sad to be leaving Brito, but it would be cool to work with Ashcroft.  So I got in a car with Elder Kirk, a senior missionary who helps the pres, and he was going to take me to Rabinal to get all my things and then take me to the other area.  He was the guy who worked in the FBI so that was pretty cool to talk to him about his work.  So he dropped me off at Rabinal to pack my things, because he had to go to do something else, and he would come back in an hour.  So there was a member with me, but I wasnt with another missionary at this time which was a little weird, but I packed my stuff and was ready to go.  But then he came back to the house about an hour later to tell me that I was going to stay in Rabinal and be in a trio with Elder Call, my district leader, and His comp, Elder Aybar.  So I didnt have to leave my area which made me pretty happy, but I was a little sad to not work with Ashcroft, because that wouldve been really cool.  So long story short, Brito had to leave and now Im in a trio with Elders Call and Aybar, and im still in Rabinal.  So yeah kind of a long week.  And also we have to work two different areas, their area, Cubulco and Rabinal.  They are about 30 minutes away by bus so that kind of sucks.  But I will explain more of that next week when I have more time. 
Anyways the work was a little slow this week, because we werent in Rabinal for half the week and we have to work two areas so we cant only focus on the people here in Rabinal.  This definately showed, because we only had 30 people in church, When we usually have about 40 or 45.  So yeah it just goes to show that working hard and sufficiently really does pay off.  Because we hardly worked in our area this week because of all that was going on, and we had only two thirds of the people in church.  But I know that it was only for this week and that we will be able to get everything back to normal in no time.  But Im super excited to work my butt of this week to get everything back to normal. 
Also I cant believe that you guys have already gotten snow!!  Its hard to believe that it can be like 90 degrees here and only a 5 hour plane ride away it is snowing!!  Thats pretty cool.
My scripture this week in D and C 121.  I dont want to type it all out but it talks about Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, and the struggles that he had, but through the help of our Heavenly Father we are able to get through everything.
Elder Jeffrey Stuart

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