Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting Better at Spanish!

Well this week was pretty usual.  Not much has changed over the past week.  Other than we had an old investigator that wants to listen to us again.  But yeah it is kind of a long story but i will share it because i literally dont have much to say so here it is...  So before  Elder Brito left for those three weeks we were teaching this girl and she had a baptismal date and everything, then Brito left.  So us in the trio went to visit her and she told us she doesnt want to listen to us anymore.  But the day that Elder Brito got back to Rabinal she said that she wanted to listen to us again.  We thought that was a little weird, but we went to visit her.  During our lesson though we could tell that she was a little, I dont know how to explain it, but attracted to him.  So we were pretty blunt with her and asked her if she is listening to us again for baptism, or for Elder Brito.  She didnt answer the question, but she says that she still has absolutely no desire to be baptized, so we figured the latter.  So we arent going to visit her again...  So yeah thats it for that story...

Also like Jonny said we had that little stake conference thingy for guatemala.  It was pretty fantastic, and it was all in spanish and I understood basically all of it, sooo Im not gonna lie im pretty proud of myself...

Thats all folks,  Oh and my scripture this week is 1st nep. 1.12

Love Elder Stuart

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