Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello... and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my family and friends, this week was a good week here in cubulco!  We had some interesting things happen during the transcourse of this week!  Starting off with the weirdest experience of this week was that we were just in the street walking, when we saw one of the young men (member) in the street with his friends... so we started talking to them and well long story short this member is very less active, and a little bit strange... and well we were talking to him and he snuck something to Elder tello... and he told him to put it in his pocket and not open it until we got home... so when we turned the corner out of curiosity (pardon my spelling).. opened the bag... and it was full of weed...  Yup the weed that you we just threw it in the garbage can and walked away... oops...

Next story is that we have this one investigator named luki which is very smart... and yesterday in church Elder Tello was teaching Gospel Principles, and he mentioned something about his study journal for the scriptures.. and after the class she asked us if we could give her some scriptures to study so that she could start a study journal.. and so after church when one of the members left to work with us he commented to us that he passed by her house (theyre friends) and he saw her study journal full!!!! and she told him that she is for sure going to get baptized that there is no doubt in her mind!  So that was pretty cool!

Also lastly I am just thankful for thanksgiving... we were able to eat thanksgiving dinner in a members house and we had turkey with rice!  So it wasnt quite the usual turkey with mashed potatoes, but it was still pretty good!

Well that is about all folks!

Love Elder Stuart

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