Monday, December 22, 2014


Well this week has been a pretty good one!!!!!!  I just love this area of cubulco!!!!  The members are awesome... the investigators are awesome... the climate is awesome...  IT IS JUST GREAT!!!!!!!

But anyways... this week was full of stuff so I am going to go by day by day...

Monday:  We went to coban to get rid of Elder Tello... he was a good companion, so I am going to miss him... but that was kind of a boring day...

Tuesday:  I got my new companion... His name is Elder Gomez!!  He is from the Domincan Republic, and well lets just say that he is still getting used to the mission... he is new.. .this is his first week, and he is a little bit weird, but he remind me of me... He doesnt talk AT ALL!!!  I have had like 4 or 5 people ask me this week if he knows spanish... and well of course he does, but he just doesnt talk... so we are just getting used to that!

Wednesday:  We got to cubulco and had the first day of work with elder Gomez and it was a pretty great day!  We were able to meet with luki and prepare her for her baptism on friday... and all was well and we put the plan to have the interview on thursday!

Thursday:  Luki had her interview and she passed with flying colors!!!  She knos a ton about the gospel, and now she hardly has friends, because she accepted the church, but she loves life now better than before, because she recognized what is the correct thing to do!  So she is great!

Friday:  In the morning we had the baptism of Luki and I baptized her!  And well all is well with her she is doing good... and we did it in a waterfall!!  It was pretty cool!  Then after we baptized her we went to the District Christmas party for all of Baja Verapaz... which is like the stake here where I am at but its not a stake it is a District, and we were able to take 11 investigators to that... and it was in Salama which is 2 hours away!!!!!  So that was just fantastic!!!!  All the people loved it!!!

Saturday:  Saturday was just a day to prepare for sunday.. .so we just visited some people and we taught them a little bit to get them to go to church on sunday...

Sunday:  This was probably the biggest week!  We were able to have church in the morning and we confirmed Luki and I did it again because my companion didnt want to.. because he was scared to do it in front of the people... so yeah got to work on that, but yeah church was good...  Although sunday was a very long day... I have to direct and preside the church meetings... then I had to talk because the people that were going to talk didnt show up... and then I had to give the sunday school class, because we still dont have a teacher for that... then after church from we went to go visit one of our investigators named Edwin and he decided that he is going to get baptized the 17th of January which is good... then after him we had to go to our house to do tithing settlement from like 2:30 until 9:00... so that was kind of a bummer because we couldnt work but it was kind of fun to do interviews with the members!  So today I am super tired... because last week was just full of stuff, and this week we are going to have even more things!!!!

Cant wait until next week!

Love you All

Elder Stuart

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