Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello my family and friends...

Well this week was an interesting week... not really anything crazy happened this week as for the stories go... but we did have quite a bit of success...  First off we were able to Confirm the date for baptism for luki, and she will be getting baptized this friday!  It was a pretty cool story how that all worked out so that is pretty exciting!  Also we were able to have 7 investigators in church, 5 of which have dates to get baptized in January, and the other one just showed up so we still havent taught him, and the last one is leaving for the states on wednesday or he would be getting baptized... so we have got some good things going on!  
Also another cool experience that happened was that with one of our investigators (marcos, the one going to the states) his daughter that is like 3 would keep waking up in the middle of the night and start screaming and basically having seizures.. and he said that he wanted us to bless her.  We still hadnt taught him much about the preisthood, but he did have a general knowledge of it and he believed that if we were to bless her it would stop... so we did give the blessing... and while Elder Tello was giving it we both felt as if something left her body... it wasnt a strong feeling, like it shows on t.v. in exorcisms and all that crap, but we just felt as though she was cleaned from something, and we both felt it leave her body... then after the blessing, we looked at marcos... and he was crying!!!!!  so we just sat in silence for like 3 minutes and then he began to explain what was going on... He said that while we were giving the blessing he got the goosebumps... super strong, and the shivers, but not from cold... but he felt at peace... he felt a peace come upon his body.  And so that was super great!!!!  He truly got a testimony of the church in that moment.. but sadly he is going to the states this wednesday so we wont be able to baptism him... but we are going to baptize his wife, and sister in law!
So that is about all that I have to share with you guys!

Love you All
Elder Stuart

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