Sunday, August 10, 2014

Good week!

Well this week has been a great week!  It is just so great to be in the area that Im in with the companion that I have got!  I am enjoying the mission really much right now... We are have success... working hard... and having fun doing it!  So things are just basically going good here! We were able to have a good week and we have even better plans for the next week!  This week that comes is going to be good but the next even better.

So starting with Rodrigo we kind of did a little test with him... He is like 13 years old and we thought that he was just kind of going through the motions of what we teach.. Like just goes to church because we want him to and all that kind of stuff... So we wanted to see how much he really wanted to go to church.. and he already knows all the lessons and baptism and alll that so... we didnt visit him the last week or even remind him that church was this week to see if he would remember to come... and he did!!  So we were super excited to see that he really does have the desire to go to church on his own.  So we are excited for his baptism the next week!  

Also with Angel we are excited for him.. because he is super excited to get married and be baptized... He is literally just so excited!   It is so exciting to see..  So we are going to marry him on the 14th of August and then baptize him on the 16th... But we arent acutally going to marry him.. .we are just planning it all and all that stuff... so that is going to be kind of fun!  

Then we also have visited 3 families this week that are going along pretty good in the church.. they still havent been to church yet.. but they are progressing pretty well and I hope that they will be able to make it to church within these next couple of weeks!  So we have got big plans for this next week...  and so we are excited for that!  

So things are going well now.. and I hope they continue like that!

Elder Stuart

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