Sunday, August 17, 2014

Long week...

This week was a pretty long and stressful week... but it was one of the best weeks we have had!  First off we were having a little bit of progress with our 2 investigators that are planning on getting baptized this week and they are both doing good!  We are planning on baptizing Angel and Rodrigo this week... not last week...and so we have got another long week ahead of us for all that.. but we are excited.  We are going to marry Angel on thursday... and then him and Rodrigo are going to get baptized on Saturday...  So those are our plans for this upcoming week!

But this last week was full of stuff that we did... mainly at the latter part of the week... But on Thursday we had a Zone Conference... and President Curtiss ended up showing up so that was pretty cool!  I learned a lot from that!  Then on Friday we went on divisions.. and I stayed here in La Libertad with an Elder named Elder Fitzgerald from Nicaragua... And Elder Loveland went to sayaxché with Elder Gubler... And Sayaxché was actually the last area of Elder Loveland so that was pretty cool for him!  So that was bunch of stuff to do that day... and also on Friday we had a wedding here in La Libertad for the Hermanas... And I witnessed my first wedding and it was a ton of work to prepare... and SUPER BORING... I now know that I am not a wedding person... So that was not very exciting to know that that is how this wedding is going to be this week!  Then after that on Saturday... We took Elder Fitzgerald back to his area in the morning.. and that is like an hour drive, so two both ways... and that wasnt too fun...  Then after that we had to go shopping for some clothes for some baptisms that were going to happen this week... then at about 5 we had to head back to Sayaxché for a baptismal interview... so another two hours...  and so that was just pretty crappy....  Then we went to our house and went to bed... On Sunday, we went to a baptism at 7 in the morning... and when we got there the whole church was flodded with we had to clean all that up and that was kind of frustrating... so yeah basically this week was a pretty stressful week.. but we finally got through it!  

So we are super excited for this next week and we are going to have these two baptisms, so we are hoping and praying a lot for that!

Love, Elder Stuart

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