Sunday, February 8, 2015

Changes... NOT

Well this week was the week of changes and we were a little bit nervous to have a change but we didnt.. so that was all good.  Another six weeks here in Cubulco!  Also something interesting is that Elder Brito, my trainer, is going to be in Rabinal again!  He already had 7 months there and he will be going back but this time as branch president!  So we are super excited for that again... although this time I will be in Cubulco not in Rabinal with him.. but we will be close!  So we are super excited for that!

As for the work this week it has been super busy like always!  But we are doing good... working hard, and progressing in every aspect!  Inculding this week we had 4 members pay their tithing!  That is basically a miracle here!  That is one of the difficulties that we have been having to progress to become a branch but now they are getting the hang of it too!  So we are just super excited to see the progress of Cubulco!

Also as with the investigators.. we have a ton of investigators that are going good and that want to get baptized the only problem is that here (because we arent a branch) they have to be super prepared to get baptized... and we personally have a rule that we arent going to baptize a person until they attend church 5 times in a row.. and it is a little bit hard... and we have a lot of people who want to progress, but they just dont attend church sufficiently... but we will see how that goes... 

But in other words all is great!  Super excited for another 6 weeks here!

Love Elder Stuart

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