Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well this week was an interesting week!  We were able to have a good week in church this week again!  We had 26 people there so that was super good!  6 of the people were investigators!  So we were pretty excited!  It was pretty great!

Also this week we have been trying something a little different this past couple weeks.  We have been helping the members to become super spiritual and become more and more converted in the church.  The thing is is that the members here, they dont really know a whole lot about how the church works... they just go.  Which isnt to bad, but they dont do things 100% correctly, so about 3 weeks ago we wanted to change that, now that they are basically all going consistently... and we would tell them ¨hey you should do this¨ and things like that... but it wasnt really working and we were a little confused why..  so last friday (10ish days ago)  we took a new approach...  we just told them all to read their scriptures... and learn for themselves what the church really is...  the only thing that we were worried about was that they dont read their scriptures here so we were a little worried that it wasnt going to work...  BUT IT DID! We were a little bit shocked but it was awesome!  Every single member here in Cubulco read their scriptures every day this week personally and as a family!  And during sunday school we just kind of had a little testimony meeting about the scriptures and everybody was shocked how much they learned!  It is something so easy that so many people dont do... and when they finally do it they figure out how easy it really is... so we are excited for that... and it worked really well.. because all the member have now found a family of investigators that they are teaching that they are going to help baptize!  So that is just super great!

So that is all but yeah.... bye

Elder Stuart

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