Sunday, March 9, 2014


This week was so fast, it feels like just yesterday I was writing you guys, but nope it was one week ago...  But anyway this week was pretty good!  We had a few great lessons and just overall a good week! 

On thursday we had divisions with the elders that are in Los Campos 1, Elder Cordova and Elder Connolly.  I had the opportunity to go to their area to work for the day with elder Cordova!  It was fun and we got a lot done!  It was fun to go and learn some new ways to teach and different was to find people and stuff like that.  So that was pretty fun!
Then on sunday morning I had one of the craziest days of my mission.  We had a confirmation of a baptism that we have had, named Cristian. In the morning on sunday we had called him to tell him that he needs to be there at nine sharp, and he said ok and we passed by his house to take him to church and he said that he would be there in like 10 minutes, that was at 840.  So then we went to church and he wasnt there, so we waited and waited.  It seemed like forever.  We waited for the sacrament to end and he still wasnt there.  So we told the bishop that we were going to do it after the talks.  And luckily he showed up during the last talk.  So we were able to confirm him after the talk and all that.  But then after church we were on our way back to the house, and I realized that I had locked the keys in the house and that I didnt have them..  So that was a little more stress to put on, because we were starving and we had nowhere to go and eat...  So we called some members to see if we could go eat at their house because we didnt have keys to ours...  And they said that we could pass by at 200.  That was like in 2 hours and we were starving.  So we decided to pass by our neighbors who were the owners of our house, to ask for the key to get in...  And when we passed by we taught a lesson to the daughter who we had kind of taught and the missionaries before us had kind of taught.  So we taught her for a little bit, and it was one of the best lessons that we had had this change.  She ended up telling us a story of how she thinks that she had received an answer that this is the truth...  So that was a great lesson, and we are planning on baptizing her the 8th of March now!  All because we lost our keys in our house... So yeah yesterday was pretty crazy!  Alright i think im done...
Love Elder Stuart 

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